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  1. asellus

    How to increase Hyper 48 fan speed?

    Wait, I have always thought that the supplied Hyper48 fan has top speed of about 1.5k RPM only. If I turn on PVM control my fan speed will actually decrease to 900 rpm or something like that. So my question is what actually the full RPM speed that Delta fan can achieve?
  2. asellus

    Several questions about Hyper48.

    Ok, thanks. So then, I can mount the Hyper48 in any direction, am I right? Forgot to ask, what is a 'bb' size?
  3. asellus

    Several questions about Hyper48.

    Sorry, but I don't know what a heat spreader is. BTW, my CPU is a P4 2.8E Prescott. Does that one has a heat spreader?
  4. asellus

    Several questions about Hyper48.

    So HTK-002 is not good enough for replacing the stock thermal compund that comes with Hyper48? So, what the correct way of applying the thermal paste? One side only (CPU or heatsink) or both (CPU and heatsink)?
  5. asellus

    Several questions about Hyper48.

    1. What is the best orientation for the Hyper48 heatsink so that the heatpipes can work efficiently? I have heard that if you positioned the Hyper48 incorrectly, the heatpipes will not work efficiently. My setup is a tower casing (thus the motherboard is in a vertical position), and I have a 500W PSU with bottom fan that sucks air out from the casing. 2. If I run out of the supplied thermal compound, can I use another CoolerMaster thermal compound? How about HTK-002?