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  1. Hey Guys, I was planning out my Blue Print for my next system and the Chassis that I have chosen is of course CM Stacker 830 (Black or Silver Color). I got five reviews on the case that I am gona go threw them all. I know this is a CoolerMaster Forums, but for the people who own the CM Stacker 830, please share with me your experience with the CM Stacker 830. Pros and the Cons. Is this case still worth getting. Please share you opinions with me. I am a big CoolerMaster Fan. THX! P.S. Neo
  2. Hey Guys I bought two CoolerMaster Fans (TLF-S12-EB Silent Neo LED 120mm) and I wanted to know if anyone in the form has these Fans. (FRONT AND REAR FANS) When I trun on my computer the Fans Fliker, instead of staying Still? Is this suppose to happen? I went into my BIOS to see if the motherboard dected my fans and it did. (Intel 875PBZ Board). Please help me out and tell me what the heck is going on? Thank You Very Much! P.S. FUSION