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  1. I flipped tray with mbo attached and it fits perfectly - no force nor grindering needed... [my WTX ]
  2. U can use old credit card ... it works for me.
  3. Modded some more - cut the hole through the side panel Plexi + circular + duck/duct tape = ... ...
  4. This is my DIY stacker window Plexi + circular + duck/duct tape = ... ...
  5. Tnx yours is great too Brackets are homemade : ... ... I've used steel plates 37cm x 1cm x 2mm ,drilled holes in them , mount fans and then flipped the cage... Also I'm thinking of cuting a window in mine ,can you tell me how should I do it ? Whats the best way to cut aluminum ?
  6. Well not really , but that's not odd cause I had my proc and case temps almost at ambient temp in old setup to start with. (22C room temp = 25C proc temp)... ...But now I don't need to touch aerogate to raise fans rpms even after 5 hrs of playing FarCry Max temp is 36C (under full load) with all of the fans running under 1000rpm. I can safely disconnect proc and graphics card fans and keep intake and rear fans at < 700 rpm for 'normal' work (by 'normal' I mean anything but gaming) . Pretty neet eh ?
  7. I was playing (again ) with my Stacker. I've flipped tray , MBO ,drive cage... And here is my 'new' flipped Stacker setup : ... ...
  8. Cool idea to flip the mbo tray! Did anyone did it with Stacker and if so - can we see some pics ?
  9. That's what I meant - saw off (cut) the plastic rails...
  10. Small update to my setup : ... ... I maxed out intake fans and stealthed DVD drive...
  11. It's really easy to put 38mm deep fan on the drive cage . All you have to do is to saw off (max. up to 2cm) from the cage rails and push cage deeper inside the case.I actually did that in my setup. My intake fans draw lots of dust on the bezels (they were to close to the bezeles) This way they are 2cm deeper in the cage so air spread is wider...
  12. Same here. My specs are : Athlon64 3200+ Gigabyte K8NF-9 nforce4 MBO 2x512 Kingmax Ram Ati x700pro 256Mb PCIE 80GB WD HDD (IDE) Nec 3520A DVD+RW Aerogate1 CM Stacker with 3 x 120mm intake fans + 1 x 120mm rear fan 1 x 80mm top fan + freezer64 on CPU and I never ever had load above 130-150W. Most of the time it stays on 100W ... ?
  13. Make two metal plates , drill holles in it and mount them to original HDD bay. ... ... You can have 3 x 120mm fans without any problems
  14. I had the same problem with Gigabyte GA K8NF-9 MBO and ATI x700pro, so I just used hand saw to 'expand' took me about 5 minutes ... ... ...