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  1. Yes, controlling cost for a company is a very important task, it might make a company to survive or not as for the color concern, it is good to see some online store forum (but well I'm the team has already searched every single possibilities for these to increase the sales) everyone that got the silver swears that it will look much better in black, we get silver because this is such a great case to miss even it is silver after i owning it for a week or so, I already thinking of ways to paint the panels to black, because silver on such a large case make it look....huge compare to black well these are just my opinion for CM marketing decision team, but one thing I'm sure is, I highly doubt that most people that concern will know the existence of this forum since there is no mention at all in the front page, I know this forum only when I ask for a 3.5" front bezel for my stacker
  2. this isn't smart to post a competitor product on this site but their marketing is different, it might be fine zalman w/c system is for noiseless, not performance wise
  3. the market for stacker is booming not because of the silver, it is because of the possibilitiesof the case, not the colour. I've struggled for the silver look for quiet a long time before I order it. if it was black, I don't even have to think about it and from the forum i've seen much more people ask for the black than silver your marketing team should search around some search engine to find the results
  4. you painted it by yourself or come from store?
  5. can those letters - "coolermaster" removable? because I want to mount that window on the right side of the case and don't want the letters be reversed
  6. I want a right hand side window too because invert ATX seems to be safer in water cooling system
  7. i'm so disappointed that the stacker isn't black too look 100X nicer
  8. so is there any way I can get one extra 3.5" front plate? I have two 3.5" drive and I use string to hold both of the drive it looks gay and unstable I wish the stacker I bought have some bracket and face plate for me to mount 3.5" drive nicely and I don't understand why CoolerMaster come with 1 X 3.5" front plate but there is no way I can mount it except with some strings