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  1. The green and black "signal" wires have no affect on a 24 pin power supply. Yes i did actually, physically, hook it up and test. The result is nothing; nada; nine; zip; zero! ...Power the 4-pin atx 12v connection with one psu and the 24 pin mobo connection with the other and they both work. forget the green and black "signal" wires unless you are going to use a 20-pin for the second supply. this works very well. the 24-pin psu for the motherboard and the 20-pin for the periphals is most correct and works with the "signal" wires.
  2. Been there, done that with cutters; wire; connectors; and solder. This does not work! The 24pin psu dosen't care what you do with those two wires.
  3. i'm not so sure the 24 pin y-cable is the answer. use the 12v atx 4-pin supply from psu #2 and the 24-pin from #1psu. this works for me! Just one problem i have just found out with this solution is that the human interface meter that is connected to the power supply that is using the 4 pin plug does not work, but the meter that is connected to the power supply that is using the 24 pin plug works fine, anybody have any solutions as to how to get the other meter to work, would bridging the green and black (i think they are the right wires) on the power supply get the meter to work, and if so, would it be safe, and not harm the power supply? Same for me; the psu using only the 4-pin atx 12v does not power-up the H.I. voltmeter. we need to know how to proceed. Coolermaster guy please reply. note: the H.I. voltmeter that is working shows 200w max draw on boot-up and aprox. 160watt draw at idle.(915p,775 socket,3.2gig w2mb L2 , pny6600gt)
  4. i'm not so sure the 24 pin y-cable is the answer. use the 12v atx 4-pin supply from psu #2 and the 24-pin from #1psu. this works for me!
  5. Hey monster z.: see if you can find my post from yesterday? psu topic here someplace. two solutions; from coolermaster moderator? : try using the 12v 4-pin atx power lead from psu #2 and the 24pin from psu #1 as usual. works like a charm for me. #2 see post
  6. hey coolermaster guy, your suggestion using the 4-pin/12v/atx connector from psu #2 works for me!!! thanks for an elegant solution. note; this solution does however compromise the designer who is trying to isolate the motherboard supply. we will need to look at balancing the loads as opposed to isolating them don't you think??? ..i don't know why the other builders arn't getting the same result. swag=improper connection at mobo "mini" plugs??led etc. #2 reset? the ps somehow and try again??//...This Works also:use a 20pin psu for #2 supply; "tap" into the harness of #1psu to connect the old 20 pin adaptor,(cut-off the big ribbon-cable part and use only the 2-wire part). This solution is correct because the circuits are electrically unchanged;suppling an on signal to ps #2 using two thin wires. Hence: one can now isolate all mobo power consumption to one psu. if wished. Note: the two wire adaptor has NO Effect on a 24 pin power supply.(done that) ...this is my first first forum..not from computer field..sincerely jeastman, (send checks to) :::
  7. Dear people, stacker case with two 450w realpower 24pin power supply units. It seems clear from all these posts that no body has actually made two 24pin units work as master and slave?????? Cut the two wires in the harness; attach the two wires from the adaptor,(cut these off at the adaptor ribbon cable); plug your wired-up two wire adaptor to the second psu and it won't work!!!!!! Please send a proper schematic on this psu mod. I also sent an e-mail to tech support--no reply. I just want the proper schematic please!! Sincerely, Jeastman [Mod Edit: See this key? Please, use it, don't abuse it.]