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  1. Skip Kniley

    Maximus VI Formula Show Casemod MbK

    That is really a clean setup. A genuine work of art.
  2. Skip Kniley


    Not so much about a product. The CM PSU configurator is sadly lacking and in need of an update. There is no way to enter SSDs, cooling equio\pment load or number of GPUs. It about 3-4 years outdated.
  3. I posted a step by step photo journal of a very simple mod that allows the successful installation if the Nepton 280L in a HAF X 942 A more detailed account is posted in the "CASE" topic in the CM Forum. I've attached a few photos of the results. Tried pasting the original post here, but that doesn't work. Also tried to use a URL in the IMAGE option box but that stalled too. ... since I can't find the original, more detailed post I wanted to state a few other points not depicted in these two photos. - The mounting bar is bevel cut on two corners to clear the top fan rings. - I took care selecting the mounting bar thickness so there would e no interference with the rotating top-fan blades.
  4. Skip Kniley

    HAF X NV-942 VGA Cowling Vibration

    Do you mean you removed the fan and had it run outside the case and it started to move about? Also, where are you located and what is your rma number so i can have a look at this and get this moved along. Yes, I placed the fan on a smooth surface. I expected to see something more than a little glide from torque and propulsion and I did. There was a small smudge of oil or something on the inner surface of the frame. I cleaned it up and ran it in a mount hoping if anything was deformed from the installation it would return to memory or run-in to a smoother seating. It worked and I mounted it on silicon plugs. It much better but I don' trust is to last. I live in Columbus, OH. I'm one of your Beta Testers. I am still waiting for an RMA# yet from CM. Would appreciate your assistance.
  5. Skip Kniley

    How to mod the Cosmos S to fit the V8

    I went through this too. I ended up placing a thinner Xigmatek 170mm fan on the door. Then, as another idea I bought the window side panel and had plans to drill out a hole pattern and place the 170 in it. But, got side tracked when I bought a HAF X NV-942. It does a better job cooling than the Cosmos-S. I hated moving out of that box. I guess that's why I've been on eBay buying parts to build up a second gaming rig just so Cosmo doesn't sit around.
  6. Skip Kniley

    HAF X NV-942 VGA Cowling Air Flow Mod

    I noticed a 2-3 degree temp difference in my 2-way SLI cards and started thinking back about the assembly. During the initial assembly of my new Chassis I noticed a potential air flow barrier with the VGA cowling. The bottom wall of the cowl covered the intake of my lowest SLI’d GTX 580. The gap appeared to be 1/16th†between to the two surfaces. Being fussy about temps, and believing VGA card intakes should have velocity stacks, I decided to cut away some of the cowling to insure there would be a uninterrupted air flow to the GTX580 fan. I achieved a cooler and more matched temp between the two cards. This was a good mod for me. In game (BFBC2, everything maxed) both card temps remain, under load, at 51-52C with fans set at 70%. Temps drop to 35C in 30 seconds when I stop the round and stay in the game. When I am totally out of the game and idle at the desktop, my temps knock down to 30C. This box cools like “Waddah†This is an easy mod, can’t hurt, and it will make your mo-sheen lighter, theoretically.
  7. Skip Kniley

    HAF X NV-942 VGA Cowling Vibration

    I seriously doubt if this is happening wide scale. I might very well be the only case(no pun intended). After about two weeks my case developed a shiver/vibration symptom. You could see the movement on the outside of the case. Figuring it was an unbalanced fan, or operator, I identified the 120 x 38mm fan inside the VGA cowl as the culprit. Screws were snug. I removed it from the case and vibration was no more. A lot more quiet too but that’s got nothing to do with anything. Next, I ran the removed assembly on the bench: definite locomotion on the table top and a small oil stain on the fan frame. I requested an RMA and expect a response soon enough. CM is usually pretty good about this kind of stuff. In the mean time, since the fan was vibrating, I reassembled using silicon mounts in place of the screws. Good fix. It isolated and smoothed out the vibes, the box is now Parkinson’s free. When the replacement fan arrives I will install, keeping with the silicon mounts. It will make things smoother and quieter. After all, that VGA/Cowl fan is the biggest noise maker on the machine.
  8. Skip Kniley

    HAF X NV-942 NVIDIA SE case part 2 of 2

    More pix of the Green Machine:
  9. Skip Kniley

    HAF X NV-942 NVIDIA SE case part 1 of 2

    The Green machine: I added a 200mm red roof fan, sleeved 99% of the bare cables and added one 8-inch strip of Green LEDs to the side door. At first I thought all the colors: a small red LED on the V8, blue LED fans on the RAM cooler would make this box look like a Christmas tree. Surprisingly, it worked, at least I thought so. After all, the idea was to make this thing NVIDIA green. The effects were dramatic so I wanted to post the shots and no, I don’t have lights in my wheel wells. Of course the cooling function is phenomenal. The only mod necessary was grinding out a 2†dia. quarter-circle on the VGA fan shroud. It was covering the lower SLI card fan intake. There is only about an 1/8†clearance between the bottom card surface and the lower plane of the VGA shroud. Running a 1200W PSU, two GTX580’s and a QX9770 with vanilla OC @ 4.2, I expected a challenge. Resulting temps were impressive. In game with BFBC2 the cards stay cool at a synchronous 51-54C with 70% fan setting under full load, all eye candy features maxed. FRPS 60-90. If you don’t mind running hotter I guess you could go with a slower card fan setting but I believe wear and tear, along with FRPS relate directly to heat: HEAT = AGE (more heat, more aging). If there is interest of request, I’ll pull it apart some to get pix of my mods.