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  1. how wide has it to be in order to hold V10 cooler? which case fit the V10 cooler except 690 and 590 case?
  2. hi everyone, i am looking to buy V10 cpu cooler for amd Phenom II 940. I am wondering which case will it into this cpu cooler. i am looking to buy CM590, CM690 or just CM 330 case.
  3. why doesn't your all-in-one aquagate system is without the northbridge water cooler
  4. when is it available to buy it? i want it really bad?
  5. Thank You for your sugguestion, I maybe as well buy the C5 better than, because later on I will upgrade to TPE cooler or Liquid cooler or just a water cooler.Right now i may be cooler by a fan then.
  6. which case is more quieter? Cav. or C5?
  7. sorry , i am talking about Aquagate Mini liquid cooler. I mean does it fit inside it. Becuse i dont want to buy another case. I just want to buy a case for a long long time.
  8. i want to know does centurion works great with aquagate mini or not? i know that the Cav.3 works great because i read Max. PC magazine. But i i dont know if it is compatible with Centurion or not?
  9. how do you know that the C5 works great with liquid cooler or any other liquid cooler?
  10. i guess if i buy this case without the liquid it doesnot too hot.
  11. this is one part of the case i donot know that is the on and off botton is blocking the fan.
  12. how do you know i am looking to buy a case? maybe i will take your advice. i hope when i turn on the pc, it will be a quite case. would you sugguest me to buy the Centurion 5 case?
  13. yes, i read it at the review. please i just scared when i buy the case and it is not compatible of it. http://absoluteinsight.net/2173-3 at the bottom of the sites, it says," Doesn't fit cases using the quick-attach fan slots in certain cases".
  14. i read somewhere that some case will not fit on it. how do i know if it fit on not.
  15. i want to know does it fit on Antec 3000B or Antec 3700 case? Or I have to buy CoolerMaster Case in order to fit on it?
  16. Is Wavemaster a TAC compatible case or not? if i buy wavemaster case, it is compatible with your cpu liquid cooler (Mini liquid cooler) or not. TAC= Thermal Advantage Chassis (Case) which case would you recommend me to buy if i want to overclock my cpu and my video card?
  17. i guess i am suppose to put the probe on the heatsink instead of cpu.
  18. i have p4 2.8c with zalman 7000B alcu
  19. on the cpu, should i put AS5 first then put the probe or put the probe first then the AS5
  20. other end of the probe, does it matter which one side to plug.
  21. the sensor does it matter which one the other end of the sensor plug to panel.
  22. i have installed cooldrive 4 inside the pc. when i turn on the pc, it started beping alot. when the cooldrive 4 turn on, i only can read the rpm for cpu and case fan and hd and not temp on it. i did put the sensor on the cpu. oh yeah, sensor on the cpu keep loose . i cannot put the tape on it. i need to know where to buy strong tape for the sensor. because it always loose.