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  1. Hi The Power button of my Stacker 830 got lose and now it´s swimming inside the I/O Penal. I guess I just need to open the front penal and stick the button back on its place so when I press the button, the button hits the small black button underneath to start the PC. How can I open the front penal so I can try to fix the POWER button? Thank you for help!
  2. Hi I have about 55mm space between the motherboard and the V10. I need to know now the Size of the Corsair Dominator GT. Can someone please tell me where I can find this out? I looked at the Corsair Homepage but no results I find!
  3. Yes, thats a good point! This explains why it works by one with the Fan door and by someone else not. I hope I can keep the door by mine. How is it with the DDR3? On monday I can pick up the V10. I will put it on the motherboard to measure the space out. It would help me a lot if someone could tell me the size of the Corsair Dominator GT. I guess all Dominator GTs have the same size just the chips are different!? Thanks for all the great help!!!
  4. Hi Dr. Torchwood!I want to put in my Stacker 831 the V10 Fan. I heared that I will lose the 4 Fan door. Did you modify something on the door or will the 4 Fan door works without changing something with the V10? I also like to put 4 Corsair Dominator GT Rams under the V10. Do you think it is possible? The Motherboard I want to use is a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 - http://www.gigabyte.de/Products/Motherb ... A-X58A-UD7 CPU will be a Intel I7 - 950 Thanks for helping me!!!
  5. Hello Meanwhile I find this thread about the Stacker: viewtopic.php?p=91449#p91449 Could it be possible that there is a difference in the Stacker 830 and 831 about the side door?
  6. Hi I see some of you have a V10 Cooler in the Stacker. Is it possible to use the 4 fan door after installing the V10 or do I need to modify something in order to use the door after the V10 is installed?
  7. Will I lose the door or just one fan inside the door?
  8. Hello I have a Stacker 831 Case with the 4 Fan door. In this case I want to install the V10 with Corsair Dominator GT Rams. The motherboard will be a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7. CPU will be Intel I7 - 950. Will this all work together?