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  1. open up a new window and copy, paste and enter lol i saw a real sweet fan controller on some web site, it was all digital and came in 5 different led colors, i cant seem 2 find that contoller again, i'll keep looking.
  2. That 5.25 audigy faceplate fit into the WaveMaster case ? and will the door close ? i swear i saw a WaveMaster with audigy installed into a WaveMaster. also would this zalman fan controler fit ? its nobs stick out a little more then the audigys. i hope this pic's show up lol first time trying 2 post pic's
  3. Does anyone have and pic's or a detailed description on how to install new front fans on the Wavemaster case ? I really want to install some blue led Coolermaster fans for some extra lighting since i have a window on my pc with no neon tubes. This info would help me out alot because i dont want scratch up my case trying to install fans. Thx everyone !