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  1. HAFX ... Oh i miss my old HAF932, i just sell it because it was a pain to move it everywere.
  2. Is compatible, but is possible that the charger will only work for power up and not for charging. Change the manual in the website.
  3. Nice men, i like the sleek style of the Elite 310 and the mini tower style of the 360 ,both cases are cool
  4. The fan is entering air to your Case??? Your GPU have the fan at 100% Speed?? If you feel that your GPU is not having good temps maybe you can check another aftermarket coolers for the 5770. Cya.
  5. Lets see. Specs of the 360 Case. (W) 148 x (H) 360 x (D) 439 mm Specs of the Gemini II S. Heatsink & Fan Dimensions: 88x125x120mm So the answer is Yes
  6. In the 360 Case the heatsink cant fit, on the 310 Yes is a normal case. I have a 360 Case and i try to install a Hyper TX and the heatsink is tall, the side panel cant close.
  7. Men, your case looks good with Blue Leds Do yo try to find the Fans on the CMStore or Newegg? Cya.