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  1. Well noise doesn't really bother me actually seeing i use a Volcano 12, i just live in a hotish part of Australia and my room airflow is poor. I just know that cooler master make some decent cases as i've worked on a couple of friends pc's that have cooler master cases. the sad thing is all the other brand cases i've looked at all have doors that look sweet but probably not take my fan controller The case i'm using now is a cheapo thingo that looked ok at the time until i got it home and realised that i couldn't really mod it much to make for better cooling
  2. i've been looking around for a new black case and came across the Centurion 5. the thing is i need a case with decent cooling as i plan to do some overclocking sometime soon and don't want to go watercooling. i just want to know how good the cooling is for the Centurion 5 even though it only has a 80mm front intake? I also want to add that i use a Superflower Fan Master and not sure how i would go about installing it too