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  1. No one here that bought a Turbo-card and can help me in all this? I can't believe that HiS doesnt answer their emails 4 emails have been sent so far, this sucks.
  2. I've checked all that. The manual and readme, both say the product key is located on the outside of the iTurbo CD-case... Well good luck to myself trying to find any products keys on the outside of a case that doenst exist Hate those paperpocket bundles. Can anyone help me out? No one here's a iTurbo user? Crap
  3. Yes i did, there's a number combo there (505) but it doesnt work. It's the closest thing to a product key i've found though, but like i said, it doesnt apply. This is some really frustrating #¤%
  4. I got the OCing software iTurbo with my purchase of the HiS X850XT IceQ II Turbo, but no matter where i look, i can't seem to find the product key for it. I't came in one of those white paperpockets. Where the h*** is it?!! Appreciate any help, i tried emailing HiS 3 times, but no response
  5. I havent done anything yet, i'm still swamped with work that i kinda want to take care of if i want to actually HAVE a vacation this summer I'll post here when i've actually done something. Again - thank you merv.
  6. Merv, my hero I'll get to work on it as soon as i've understood half of it Seriously, great how to! Really appreciate it.
  7. I've been following this thread for quite a while now, and i have to say this is all a really sad mess. I hope you guys get your windowed black sidepanel for the Stacker.
  8. Thank you for the great suggestions merv, i appreciate it I'll run some more benchies, but i already know i have a nice set-up, what i really wanted was some advice on how to proceed with the OC:ing. Thank you,
  9. I'll be showing my newly built Stacker real soon, i just have to put some uv-lighting in there It's about time it got built Not enough time...not enough time.
  10. I just testran my newly built comp, and with everything at stock, below are my 3DMark05 scores. I want to know how much of an increase you guys think i could get when some "reasonable" clocking has been made? Nothing extreme, but still a good ol' overclocking. Specs are in the sig. 3DMark05 - 5953p CPUscore - 5227p Temps (The CPU needs to be better cooled right?) CPU max temp - 37 C Gfx-card max temp - 40 C Appreciate your thoughts guys.
  11. Guess what - After first being devastated about not being able to fit my X850XT IceQ II Turbo, into the Stacker, i then (after quite a few tries and tricks) managed to fit it in there without having to badger the card in any way and it's all running great! Incredible, what a relief I'll post some pics of the whole thing, but not until i'm done with the sleeving I'm soo vain...
  12. I suspect my #%# littlebrother of that deed. A-hole changed my avatar, but its back on track now.
  13. It's going to be interesting, to say the least, to see if my X850XT IceQ II Turbo fits in the Stacker case. Seems like some people are having no problem at all, while others are having nightmare-stories. Cross your fingers.
  14. Ice Man

    Stacker 830

    Okay, cancel the "the features looks nice on paper though". Just read the above post from merv, and 1 PSU just isnt't going to cut it in a long-run perspective. Stacker 1 is more stylish, just face it merv (Just spank me if you wish not to be called that)
  15. Ice Man

    Stacker 830

    The new Stacker just doesn't look stylish like the Stacker #1. The designers just went to far and it's just to spaced out in the front. The features looks nice on paper though.