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  1. you continue amaze us, good luck from the past
  2. hmm ... your going to use the case face down?, you always amaze.
  3. Thanks bro, No, I bought the case last year, they are images when I buy it. You're going to compete this year?, or you're visiting us.
  4. Tron is one of my favorite films, the original approach my more to computers, I want to see the evolution of this work.
  5. The case that I work is a mini tower Cooler Master 341
  6. HotRod Hi all, this is my first project for Cooler Master, called HotRod. So this mod will be based on those cars. this is the finished work.
  7. Como dice PaPang y Barreto, debes utilizar el google traslator te ayuda bastante si escribes gramaticalmente bien, tendras una aceptable traduccion, sino muchos pasaran por alto directamente tu post cuando vean que no esta en ingles, es lamentable pero es asi. Suerte.