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  1. wow!, every day amazes me more, is a big job.
  2. This being very good, wonderful work with the airbrush, someday I will learn.
  3. I pop rivets to attach the fender, then I sand it. my new acquisition, a fan CooleMaster Megaflow. cut for the wheel. I prepare the sheet, sanding it. I put the putty. paint the front.
  4. You said it, PaPang. Thank you this weekend I will upgrade.
  5. I have complicated, and I started tertiary school that, but I work weekends. I started with the creation of the fender, first a model in cardboard, to take measures. Then, the most difficult, passing it to the sheet metal. cutting and bending. Temporarily bolted, then will joined with pop rivets . could use a Cooler Master V8, if someone wants to sponsor my work, you know what to do.
  6. is fantastic, I'm a fan of the old series of Star Trek, I will follow this work very carefully.
  7. good luck with your work, I really like working with wood, so I expect good progress.
  8. Thank you very much, I know your work and your site are excellent.
  9. I'm creating some new parts for the car. V8 a new air intake. With a decoration as the vehicles of the 50's and 60's. Remove the feet(¿?) from the computer. prepare the base for the new feet. I created the place to put the power button on the front. is all for now.
  10. Is it possible to create a list of all the competitors in each category? To better identify the works.
  11. You're doing a good job is very interesting, I want to see more progress, congratulations.
  12. I follow your work in TBCS is excellent and is one of the most outstanding work.
  13. I'm going to continue watching the progress of this project, I think that will have many lights.
  14. Very good Work, congratulations. I also like to work with wood.
  15. Thanks I decided to reduce the front 3 cm, to have a more aerodynamic appearance. I have to cut the front again I need to change everything. look the inclination. The logo of "Hot Rod" of side was cut.
  16. What happens there is no progress? c'mon!
  17. What you Prefer Morphius or WoG? are excellent works.
  18. At the year 2099, the south headquarters of ArgOsMod still exist? Hi mas, how are you at the future? You're doing a very detailed work, I like.
  19. Thanks Continuing with the creation of the Hot Rod grill I put it on your site, to see how it would look. I remove the hard disk support. The side I don`t like it, needs to another change.
  20. Nice title ;D, I expect to see progress and photos.
  21. Thanks, I continue with the creation of the front, radiator type. New front. placed temporarily. Support for DVD and HD, horizontally. I cut the top.
  22. I remove the front plastic and then cut it. I paste the parts. the place where it will be. I remove all inside. adding new parts to the front. took off the metal front of case. is all for now, slowly will take shape.
  23. I hope to see these progress Master.