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  1. All very clear, and really very good paint effect. good luck.
  2. you've done a brilliant work j0h, congratullations.
  3. Thank you Frenkie, I agree with you, but it is a matter of low budget and few tools to work.
  4. "Changes out of competition " The competition ended, but I decided to make some changes. I decided to change the legs for wheels. First I reduced the length of the wheels, because they are very high and this is a sports car. Then I put a rubber between the case and the wheels. and I put them in place.
  5. I need help to close my mouth, that spacecraft at any time take off, fantastic work. Good Luck
  6. you are an excellent furniture designer, congratulations and good luck.
  7. Simply beautiful, I would like to see it finished, with the hardware inside.
  8. I can say you, that they do not have told you before, simply amazing, congratulations.
  9. Frenkie, you are a great modder. you are a master, Your works are known throughout the world , good luck.
  10. Is awesome, you are an excellent modder, really. I saw all his wonderfull works, congratulations and good luck.
  11. bro, you always amaze me, you make some wonderful works, and from the past I send you congratulations and good luck.
  12. When you started work, I said I was going to follow, and I was not wrong, you made a beautiful work, congratulations and good luck.
  13. Excellent work friend, congratulations, very good pictures too, good luck in the tournament.
  14. here, connected to my TV. I will use it as a media center.
  15. the work finished is on the first page. connection to the light under the metal mesh. hotrod logo Thanks to those who supported me.
  16. Thank you very much PaPang, I'm fighting against time and I will order the wiring. I will finish it Sunday. I show you a detail of HD support. The wheel clock I completely disarmed. Electronic circuit. I cut the tires well and the fan I cut inside the tire and the fan Put in place.
  17. I hope to finish it takes very little time and I still have not finished the work. Computer hardware. The Support for HD I begin to put the hardware in their place. Other changes in progress. The filter of the air intake.
  18. Thank you master. The side ready. I use a part that I cut the case, to create the side support. I will attach the hinge to the Side. As you will see there is much dust in my garage. I put a rubber at the foot, between the steel sheet and foot, other rubber will go under. I created the mesh brackets I painted pop rivets.
  19. Excellent project, I will follow you.
  20. Tortured_soul thank you master. After the primer was sanded the surface to match it. Place a plate on her side, and you will see in the future. Then everything was painted shiny black. the hinge and silver color foot. Pictures of the progress of the painting. I cut the side to match the inclination of the case. Thanks to all for the comments.
  21. I agree with what was spoken by the friend of Brazil good luck with the work.
  22. Wow, it's amazing what can be done with these printers. Is this plastic is resistant?
  23. Continuing with my solitary work, Inside the fender, I placed a plate for better viewing and will pass putty for details.. Then I paint with primer. I pass sandpaper the to the other parts to pass after priming. The front and the air intake. I reinforced the top, I will pass the sandpaper and putty, then put the air intake and putty. I cut to the air intake. Then I reinforced the bottom and I made ​​some cuts. And finally I started to paint some parts. Thanks for your feedback.
  24. I saw your work from the beginning, and I can only say, Congratulations for the excellent work you performed!.