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  1. mejohnm

    Tyan 2915

    Does anyone know if the M1000 or the M850 can power the Tyan 2915 motherboard? This board takes the 24 pin + 8 pin + 4 pin. I know these power supplies have both 8 pin and 4 pin connectors, but can they be used at the same time? many thanks to all that reply.
  2. mejohnm

    My new CM Stacker

    You can still use a KVM switch or even connect remote when your computer is in another room. That is alot of storage space you have there. It would definately be in another room. I hear my drives now but I am used to the noise, its the only noise I hear now. MeJohnM
  3. mejohnm

    My new CM Stacker

    That is exactly how I have it. 2 computers but just one mouse, monitor, and keyboard. Future upgrade will be a 2nd monitor for the server which I can still use my KVM switch to go to each computer. The Opterons are no longer OC, I just tried it out to see if clock gen really worked. MeJohnM
  4. mejohnm

    My new CM Stacker

    It is also why I have a Pent 4 3.2Ghz on the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe, so I can overclock the crap out of it, plus play games. The Opterons, its for picture and video editing. If games become SMP aware, then I will start to use it to play games too MeJohnM
  5. mejohnm

    My new CM Stacker

    The Iwill DK8N has no overclocking opitions since Opterons are seen as server CPU's. Servers are for stability, not for overclocking. Clock gen is the only way I have heard to OC this board. MeJohnM
  6. mejohnm

    My new CM Stacker

    You can overclock using clock gen. I tried it and got my 2200Ghz to 2400Ghz, seems my limit on air. MeJohnM
  7. mejohnm

    My new CM Stacker

    Here is an inside picture. I had emailed CM and now wait for an answer about the motherboard tray. The CM stacker hold the Iwill DK8N with 2 248 Opterons with 1gig Ram per CPU. I have 3 80Gig SATA hard drives and one CD-ROM. I still have to clean the wires up. I am not happy with the firewire cable and the front sound cables. Anyone know where I could get extensions to these?
  8. mejohnm

    My new CM Stacker

    here is the pic of the problem. It is just after midnight so I will post more tomrrow. John PS, thanks for that link, I am so tired I forgot I could use my own site to post my pics.
  9. mejohnm

    My new CM Stacker

    I got my Stacker today and was quite heppy with it until I saw that one of the motherboard mounting screw post was not done correctly. It looked like the tapping machine only did a half job. Other than that, it is a very nice case... and quiet. Once I learn how to put pics up I will show you all some. John