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  1. im having trouble connecting the firewire cable to my motherboard, looks like the pins dont line up. the missing pin on the motherboard dont line up with the cable pins. does anyone have this problem?can someone help please
  2. the case has a front headphone jack and mic, is the cm centurion 5. what i really want is to connect the front headphone, my mb is a gigabyte k8ns ultra 939, it comes with integarated audio, but i have an audigy 2zs card that i will be using, so the question is where do i connect the front headphone jack, to the soundcard? or the motherboard?
  3. where do all those little cables go for front audio? i will be installing an audigy 2zs, where do i connect the cables? to the sound card or motherboard? i really only want to use the front headphone jack when i dont want to hear the back speakers. can someone help please
  4. thanks guys, that really helped. another question the front panel mic and head fone cables where do i connect them? my board is a gigabyte kn8ns ultra 939,it comes with integrated audio but i will be ususing the sound blaster audigy 2zs card, in order to use the headphone jack and mic do i connect the cables to the sound card or the motherboard? theres alot of little cables?
  5. just got the centurion 5 and starting to build my first pc.i am a novice and learning as i go along:)my question is, the front panel cables which ones are the positve and negative? there is a bunch of colors like the power cable is blue and white, there is an orange and white,green and white and a gray cable, which one is ground? the manual for this tower is hard to read. i notice that on the back of the pin that conects the cables there is an arrow is that positive or negative? my mother board is a gigabyte k8ns ultra 939,does someone have this same set up? can someone help with conection\ of the cables please?