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    The GTX 300 series is comming soon, so if you really want a 295 I suggest you wait for the new series
  2. Everything is connected propertly, I'm sure about that. I have the feeling there is a flow jamming into the front panel, because when I even touch (not plug in) the usb ports with an usb plug, the system fails...
  3. The usb connectors are connected to the proper usb connection on the motherboard. but I also tried it on a p6t deluxe from a friend, there I have the same problem: a full system faillure
  4. Hello everyone, When I try to connect any usb device to the front panel my full systen switches off... My motherboard (Rampage 2 Xtreme) did fail also a few days later. Now I have my motherboard replaced with a new one (Also a rampage 2 extreme) and everything works fine, but when I try to connect a usb device to the frontpanel the system fails again Any idee's? Many thanks and hope anyone knows whats going on here:) Hope to hear from you soon Jeroen (Netherlands)