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  1. Try filling out a parts request:
  2. Have you filled out a parts request?
  3. Send a parts request:
  4. The poll is not working. I don't have a Cosmos II but if I did I wouldn't want a window.
  5. Have you guys received your prizes? Lets see some pics!
  6. I had my V8 on a core i7 920@3.9ghz and load temps were in the 70-75c range during the Summer months.
  7. The heatspreaders on that ram look too high to fit under the V10 to me. If they do fit at all there will be very little if any clearance.
  8. The TEC usually buzzes if it is defective/ not working.
  9. I have good results applying a pea sized drop in the center of the CPU and letting it spread itself.
  10. Awesome mod. It would be cool if you get get something better than a stock Intel CPU cooler in there though. I wonder if you could somehow squeeze a Corsair H50 water-cooling kit in.
  11. I have a V8 in my Thermaltake Element G which is a similar case and there is plenty of space between the cooler and side panel fan. I did however need to remove the top fan as it was interfering with the cooler. Thermaltake positions the I/O shield plate area higher than other case makers do, and as a result you can run into problems with large CPU coolers.
  12. That sure is an awesome list of prizes. Congrats again on the win
  13. I have a V10 in a Stacker 830 and had to remove the entire fan door assembly.