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  1. right, its now been 2 weeks and i still haven't herd anything from "Ron" this is getting beyond a joke now, CoolerMaster's Customer Services are just as sh*t as the WaveMaster case i unfortunately bought.
  2. i did this on an older power supply, took a very long time, but it was worth it. Here are my tips: 1.)Make sure you let the braid go right into the power supply (looks neeter) - BUT BE CAREFULL, power supplys have enough power in them to kill you, even after they have been off for a week! 2.)Cut the braid with a HOT KNIFE or ROPE CUTTER only!!! (VERY IMPORTANT!) don't use scissors or a cold knife, as the braid will split and ruin. When you cut it with a hot knife, it kinda seals the edges and keeps it together 3.)When you terminate the ends of the braid (before a molex) put a cable tie around the end of the braid, then cover that in the heatsrink tube (only need about 1 and a half Centermeters) and heat it with a Hair Dryer (Dont use a lighter, or you might singe your wires and melt the molex) 4.)Buy some Vantec Molex replacements (avalible in different colours) as they also have grips (makes it easyer to disconnect the molex from hard drives etc, with tight connectors) 5.)Lable your cables before taking the molex off!!! 6.)Get the proper tools for the job, dont go using pins to take molex off! Hope this helps.
  3. Ok, i e-mailed ron@coolermaster.nl on Monday about my case, and its now Thursday night, and i still haven't had a reply. Now, i wasn't rude, i just clearly wrote i am unhappy with this product and i want it replaced for a new one if possible. Also, i wrote an email to Coolermaster Customer Services last week (from thier website contact list) and i have still not had a reply. Im starting to think thier customer services are just as bad as this case.
  4. Are you sure thats the right address? i copy and pasted it onto the email but its failed.
  5. Ok i mailed him about my lemon case, hopefully this will get sorted, although, now i gotta move all my componants into my old case, wich i cant do till monday or tuesday after work
  6. Ok, i will E-Mail Ron since i live in the UK. Listen, sorry that im getting on everyones nerves, The CoolerMaster forum is proberly not the best place to show my dissapointment, but you gotta understand, i bought this case after reading meany reviews and viewing a lot of pictures, i wanted it for so long, and now i have it, it keeps going wrong! you can imagin my anger with whats happened so far, im not making it up, it just seems like its one problem after another, if i could get a replacement maybe it would change my mind, but so far im not happy with this.
  7. WTF are you on about? I have E-Mailed CoolerMaster about this sh*t case to see what they are gunna do about it, because the store i bought it from (NOT A COOLERMASTER STORE) will NOT take the thing back. Im fed up with this sh*t, you people are obviously so far up CoolerMaster's :) that you can't tell the difference between Quality and this misrable excuse for a case
  8. hang on a min, have any of you actually got the yellow case? I admit that the paint on the Blue, Silver and Black case is done quite well, but the Yellow one is terrible, here is an example with my case...... And to the person who told me to read reviews before spending £130 on a case, i did, i always read reviews before buying anything, and everyone who reviewed it said little about air flow, except for one, that said it was ok............................. yeah right, for a i486 Just searching around this forum, seems like im not the only person that had a loose shield on the front. Im waiting for CoolerMaster to E-Mail me back about this matter, since the store i bought it from wont take it back. Yeah right, im from ThermalTake, thats why i said i was putting all my componants back into my Antec Case. I dont work for any Computer Company, im just your normal customer who has been ripped off.
  9. Hello Less than 2 weeks ago, i bought a brand new Yellow/Black WaveMaster Case, and all i have to say is.......... it's f**king b**locks. Can't believe i wasted £130 on this awefull Case, and now im stuck with it, no one will take it back, proberly cuz they know how sh*t it is. It all started when i first unpacked it from its box. Dont get me wrong, first impressions we're amazment, it does look smart at first. But when i opened the door for the very first time, one of the Hex-Screw heads (Proberly holding the front in place) just fell off onto the floor, i was then quite pis*ed off, but it wasnt worth sending the case back for that, so i simply glued it back on. Next, the Aluminum Sheild on the front (Covering the Air Holes) was so loose, i could move it quite freely with my hand, VERY crap i thought. I had to remove the front panel to tighten the thing up, but it should have been done in the factory. Next (this is the icing on the cake) the poor quality finish on the paint work starts to crack and chip off, this has compleatly ruined the side panel, also making the case look sh*t. VERY unimpressed. Also, CoolerMaster? er..... thats a bit of a joke i think, this thing has THE WORST cooling i have ever seen. The fans are a compleate joke, Airflow is non existant (Yes i have tidyed all the cables out of the way, and installed the Fan Bracket in the top.) This thing couldnt take the heat off a Cold Cathode Light. Im extreamly dissapointed in this case, as it had always cought my eye for a long time, when i had seen it in magazines and on the net (the Silver and Blue versions) But when i saw the Yellow one, i had to have it. BIG MISTAKE. Anyone planning on buying this case, i strongly reccomend you dont. Im now gunna move all my hardware back into my much better Antec Case.