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  1. Idk about you guys but im just doing mine my own. I already started it and im putting 2 of the 230mm fans on it ill post pics if anyone wants.
  2. Bump Dont really have anything informative to say just tryin to keep this post alive xD i cant wait thoo my HAF is gonna look soo beast
  3. Well its mid march any word yet?? Im really looking forward to gettin one of these...it looks like the plexi is just held on there with those plastic things like the one on the regular panel...if so im just gonna pop it out put a new peice of plexi in there and cut a hole out for the big fan =D
  4. Hello IceJon i am also equaly intrested in obtaining an amd side panel for my case. If you can please let me know when and if you recive some i would like to get one.