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  1. That's one sweet looking car, uh ... I mean case!
  2. -=Draven=-

    CM 690

    I saw the case in a store, it's nice and better than I expected. The only thing is the power button on the side, I think it's badly positioned and hard to press. Anybody agrees?
  3. It's been 3 months, how soon is very soon?
  4. About those SLR exhausts. They look so sweet I also have an idea for you, it would be cool if they were actual exhausts, I mean that you would make a couple of holes and mount some exhaust fans behind the plate. You could use fans with diameter that matches the one on your exhaust. Maybe it would be complicate things or not look as good, but it's just an idea to make it more interesting. Anyways, keep up the good work, it looks great so far and I can't wait to see the rest.
  5. -=Draven=-

    CM 690

    The fan on the bottom of a PSU sucks or blows air?
  6. That's a nice one. First time seen it though I do browse Newegg pretty often but never come across that. Thanks Chaz...I think I want to get one too. Its full 5.25, I guess the locking system will work on this for sure. Cheers. I have one of those and I must warn you that they don't blow that much air into the case, if that's what you wanted. I guess they're silent for a reason and that is it.
  7. Having "More Power!" is always better than having not enough power, so go for the CM Real Power M850 Modular. "Arrh! Arrh! Arrh!"
  8. What's the word on the Cold War Stacker? It's been a long time without any updates from you ID, what's going on? Did you ran into trouble while doing it or did you just ran out of time? Keep us posted and keep up the good work
  9. Wow, very stylish. It'll look very good on the case.
  10. -=Draven=-

    CM 690

    The side window looks cool and has a great design, but I think it's a bit small, you don't see much of the inside of the case. Can you guys from CM show us a picture of the side panel, on the case and with hardware, just to have a good idea of what it looks like? Thank you
  11. -=Draven=-

    CM 690

    You got that right. And I know that 106$ isn't too bad, but when you look at the Cosmos(199.50$) for instance, with tax and shipping, it comes to about 260$.
  12. -=Draven=-

    CM 690

    I gotta say, it a great price for it, the same goes for the price of the Cosmos 1000 (199.50$CAD). The only downside, it's not that great of a price, when you add up the high shipping cost
  13. Is Cooler Master planning to release a new function device, like a new Musketeer, Aerogate or Cooldrive anytime soon?? If not, that would be cool, like a new modern/digital device.
  14. -=Draven=-

    CM 690

    I am also looking for this case. It's nowhere to be found in Canada, the same applies for the Cosmos case. At first, it was supposed to be release early mid august, before the Cosmos, but then for some reason, it's then supposed to be released in around September 1st, the same as the Cosmos. I don't know about the CM 690, but a lot of people already got their hands on a Cosmos, but we don't hear much about the CM 690. Maybe it got delayed again. Also, I've seen just a couple of reviews for this case as compared to the multiple reviews of the Cosmos. I personally like both cases and the first one I get my hands on, I buy. I kinda hope I run into the CM 690 first, but I don't think it'll happen. I tired of waiting