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  1. dropper

    How to add more drives

    Yes, but with my solution, you could keep the panel and have room for a CD/DVD ROM and have capacity for 15 drives. There are also 3-in-2 racks that would allow one to put a few more drives in and still keep the fuction panel. Keith
  2. dropper

    How to add more drives

    Yeah, dump the 4 in 3's and get a 5-in-3 solution like this. I think I have seen similar ones for cheaper, but that is what came up with a quick search. Keith
  3. With USB, you have 5m before you would need a powered extender, so 2 ft shouldn't be a problem. Keith
  4. Check out FrontX. They have several types of internal connectors and type changers that should work. On this page, they have internal M-F USB and Firewire cables that should work. Shortest I saw was 2 foot, but you could easily hide excess cabling. Keith
  5. One thing you can do, and what I eventually did, was move the panel down to another spot on the case. I moved mine below my CDs and Floppy, because if I had any cables plugged into the USB ports, they were getting caught by the drive trays. This also made my audio cables easier to route. Keith
  6. You know, about the 1Kw PSU vs. the 510: Even with 2 vids, 2 hds and whatever else, that 510 may be enough. Especially if it is from PC P&C, since they spec at the low end, so usually the max is more like 650 watts. I have 3 HD's, 2 DVD's, a ton of lights and fans, an X800XT-PE and my PSU doesn't miss a beat. It is an early version of the one you have on order. Unless you are really going to be adding a lot of HD's (10+), I wouldn't worry about it. Keith
  7. If you go to the website, you will see that they put a bit of effort into the design of the window. Plus, these Raptors are server class drives and should vibrate less. As to the whole point of having a window mod on the drive, it is a matter of taste. If you think it's an overpriced HD, you're right, but that case of yours with the window, is an overpriced case. You could just get a dull beige steel box that would just work. Even though I don't have a lot of people walking though my home, I personally like the look of my PC. If a windowed drive would be visible in my Stacker (STC-01), I might consider it (just for my own pleasure). [vanity]Judging by the over 1400 hits for my photo albums, it seems others like to look, too. [/vanity] Just don't be too quick to dismiss something just because it's not your taste.
  8. Why does this not make any sense? Motherboards usually are all about the same thickness, plus the slots should be the same height. Is there anyway you could compare the two boards from the rear edge? Keith
  9. Any chances you could take some pics of this?
  10. I am curious about pricing. Does coolermaster give them a suggested price range? Or it a free for all whatever a retailer wants to charge? I know in other products the companies are force to have a small price range and that is why rebates are involved to lower prices. We set an MSRP that our customers could not sell lower but they have every right to sell it higher. So basically I am not going to do better than $249 per unit. Sites have different MSRP prices. I just want to make sure that is the official MSRP. Well, that's not really true. Here in the US, you can sell a product for any price you wish to, hence the "S" in MSRP (Minimum Suggested Retail Price). Now, they do have control over ads, since it is their product and they hold the copyright to it, but that is MAP (Minimum Advertized Price). Hence, you may go to places like Amazon and they won't show you the price until you "purchase it" (place it in your basket), because it falls below the MAP for the product. Now, CM may charge their distributors nearly the MSRP, making very little profit, so you may not see the cost go below a certain point. A company may provide incentives on the back end to keep a price point up, which is what I think Bose does, since you rarely see them on sale and they are a high markup item. Also, CM may state that if you want to continue to get product from them for resale prices, you may need to keep a price point, but what they have already, they can sell at whatever price they like.
  11. I was able to find the 830 Stacker for $99!!!! Linky Keith
  12. So, I would assume it did not have the 4 fan bracket? Keith
  13. This is what I am talking about: See the two bays, 2 and 3 from the bottom. There are no quick release mechanisms, like the rest of the bays. There is also not one for the top, but the old Stacker is the same way (space considerations). I had seen this on other pictures, not just the sample. Keith
  14. I find it strange that they don't have quick releases on two of the drive bays (3 if you count the top). I can't see this as being a huge cost saver for CM. It seems like it just reduces options. Keith