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  1. It would be dificult to mount a 35mm thick fan onto the 4in3 drive cage. It will not work with the stock mounting "pins" You could always just connect the fan to the 4in3 cage with zip ties though! Or you don't really even need to mount the fan to a 4in3 cage. I simply mounted my additional 120mmx25mm led fan with zip ties. It works just fine. one of my fans is slightly crooked there, easily fixed but I don't have the time to take another pic yet. heh. Sorry I didn't take a pic detailing how I mounted the fan, but I'm sure it will be easy for you to figure something out.
  2. I would have bought the black one if it was available to me.
  3. Thanks. I really enjoy tinkering with electronics and I know my dad does too. And this was a nice learning experience. I picked up a few valuable tips from my dad, for any future problems.
  4. Suddenly after a few days of use my Cross Flow Fan stopped working. So I checked it out and found that the fan worked fine plugged directly into the psu. So the speed controller must be to blame. Well, the controller was competly dead. I emailed Bryant about a replacement but He told me that Coolermaster doesn't have any of the controller in stock, and I would have to RMA the entire unit to the store I bought it from. Well, I hate RMA's so I took a closer look and consulted with my dad with the unit. I discovered a part of the PCB had suffered some type of overload that burned through a trace, that connected the PSU input ground plane to the rest of the unit's ground plane. The solution, solder a "jumper" wire to connect the 2 ground planes. Pics of the defect and field repair: The "Jumper Wire" The unit now works perfectly! My dad suggested that Coolermaster should consider revising the design of the PCB, especially around the part that burned open. The power input is awfully close to the trace there, and you can see that that "channel" connecting the ground planes is very small for having so much power going through it.
  5. Thanks a lot. Its great to have a company that is so active in the community and is so willing to help its customers out.
  6. I guess I did get lucky. That standoff on my case has no problems.
  7. Here's my Upsidedown/backwards ATX stacker: You'll notice that the front 120mm fan is lined up with the cpu socket and rear 120mm fan. It should make for some nice airflow over the CPU heatsink. And the video card is facing upwards. All that hardware in there is just junk that I'm playing around with till my new parts arrive in a few weeks. I'll be sure to get some pics up when its up and running.[/img]
  8. I ordered my CMStacker from I put a standoff into every hole in the motherboard tray and mounted an old broken KT333 motherboard (uses 10 screws) I never encountered a problem with any of the standoffs. Unless I'm missing something in your posts.
  9. Cool, I sent you an email about getting one of these. I was about ready to mount my Floppy drive using zip ties
  10. Mounting a 12cm fan in the front without a 4in3 cage is not a problem. I just took a couple zip ties and used those to suspend the fan in the case, it works fine. I'm also very interested in a floppy drive bracket, as I would hate to take my 12cm fan off the 4in3 cage.
  11. Have you tried to mount cooldrive with screws instead of using the rail? 2 screws in the forward most holes on each side should securly mount the unit.