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  1. Hello guys. Although, I am not entering any mod contest, (its hardly a mod anyway), I would like to share one of my old system. I spent a lot of money on this system. And worked almost 2 hours for doing the cabling work. I sold this system, when I moved in to Canada. I loved my Muskateer. I still thing Muskateer 1 is better than 2 . Hehe..I think Lucy is going to say something again, because I used a Lian-li's case. Sorry. The one that I use atm, is installed with Aquagate and I wasnt able to do a clean job with the cables. If I can do some nice cabling on that, I might post it again.
  2. Hi, guys. This is Han. Well, I've done a little research on the LCD problem with Aquagate. Here's my suggestion. If its beeping. 1. increase the allowded temperature for both CPU and Coolant. 2. If its still beeping, change the thermal sensor cable with other one. The Aquagate that I have was ok, and the thermal sensor went defective after couple hours of use. I changed it with some other spare that I had, it seems working again. If you unplug the thermal sensor from the dummy pci, it will beep, so it has to be plugged. It seems that the problem may coming from a very small piece. So try this method. I solved it after 2 hours struggling with the Evil Aquagate! Good luck
  3. Hi guys. I just wanted to let you know that pcunleash.com has reviewed CM's Aquagate. Stephen my friend even commented "An excellent review that should be required reading for every student of English." So take a look. And if you havent bought this unit yet. Go buy it! http://www.pcunleash.com/bbs/zboard.php ... view&no=32