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  1. I have a Mystique 632S and have been looking for Chasis Wheels, does anyone know where I can pick up casters that will fill it?
  2. The sauna reference is interesting ... my computer room is 13' by 15' so when my computers and tv are on the temperture in the room rises about 10 degrees. The noise from the fans is LOUD! No two ways about it. This is one of my considerations regarding going to a Water Solution. To be honest. I'm not 100% sold on liquid inside a box, something to do with Murphy's Law of which I'm very well versed in. I quess I'll have to research failure issues if I do go this way. BTW what about the Aquagate Duo Viva? I'm thinking of upgrading to a all Intel rig with dual Crossfire cards. Would a high end air solution be quiet and cool enough? I think it would be cheaper no doubt.
  3. That is one awesome system!! For me to do something like this a lot of planning has to go into it. Are you aware of where I could get a game plan for a water cooling project? I wonder if CoolerMaster has any plans for 'Water Cooled Ready' cases?
  4. I'm planning my next CoolerMaster project and the Wavemaster TAC-T01 is really attractive to me. Is this case agreeable to a water cooling solution? I have two Tower systems, one is a CMStacker. The oldest tower is loud and the cover doesn't fix tight. How can I determine which cooling solution will work for me
  5. Thanks for the information. I try to contact Intel or maybe I'll just give up on the front panel audio.
  6. Can Anyone help me To clarify my problem, the AAFP pinout on the motherboard is the Azalia (High Definition) pin definition. The documentation and the pinout have pin#3 missing. The Intel Front Panel I/O Connectivity Design Guide from mentions the HD Schematic signal names and gives a pinout but indicates that pin#8 would be the one missing. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello I have a CM Stacker case and would like to connect the front panel audio connectors to my motherboard (Asus P5GD2 Premium) The cable from the stacker has pins Mic In, Mic Power, Ground, L-Out, L-Ret, R-Out, R-Ret, Ground, but the motherboard uses the Azalia pin definition which has pins Sense2_Retur, Port2 L, Sense_Send, Sense1_Retur, Port2 R, Presence#, Port1 R, GND, Port1 L, Can anyone advise how to connect these up. Thanks bdb