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  1. Hey oppewalj. I did not mod the case at all,the control box fit right on,so i dont know what to tell ya sry. btw mine is the Audigy2 zs,but i think there all the same when it comes to the control box. What is happening when you try to install it?? is sticking out to far or not lining up right??? Doesn't fit width-wise. Are you using the mounting brackets that came with the stacker??
  2. Osiris...I have a quick question for you. I noticed in the pics of your Stacker that you have the control box that connects to your SB Audigy sound card mounted in one of the 5.25 drive bays. I have the same setup but cant get the control box to fit. Did you mod the case? Or maybe you have a different version? From the pics mine looks exactly the same though...??? BTW..awesome looking rig.
  3. oppewalj

    Aquagate tubing size

    Are there tube adapters you can buy to fit the Aquagate 3/8 tubing to 1/2 tubing (and if so, where?)? I just bought the Aquagate but also have a chipset waterblock from my old setup I would like to use.
  4. I havn't had any trouble keeping this case cool with the windowed side panel, and with all the cooling you've got I think you'll be ok. The window is not like a door. It is attached with two thumb screws in the back and slides on and off. Kind of a pain but worth it to show off the hard work done on the inside.
  5. Alright...finally did some wiring work on this thing and got it to look half way decent. Once again, sorry for the crappy res on the pics. Maybe someday my cheap :) will break down and buy a digicam. For now the old cell cam will have to do. ...for as much stuff as I have in this monster, I was surprised I was able to get it to look even this clean.
  6. with the stacker I really try to utilize the space in the front where there are no 5.25 drives installed. You can run one cable into the front and then use the pass-thru power for anything else.
  7. Just got this put together and wanted to throw some pics up to get some feedback/suggestions. Still need to do some wiring work. Any suggestions on how to clean up those cables? I see some of the cases on this forum and wonder where the heck are all the cables?? I want them all showing but in a more organized manner. Specs: P4 2.4c @ 3.0 Abit IS7-G Mobo ATI 9700 All IN Wonder Pro 1 gig Corsair XMS3700 Coolermaster Aquagate LC Thermaltake Fanless VGA cooler (2) Seagate SATA 160 HDD Ultra X connect 500w psu (Sorry for the crappy pics...had to use my camera phone.)