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  1. TY, i found a mesh filter at my local comp store for $4 + tax. Never would have thought of getting a filter. TY againf or your help.
  2. Ty for your help...i think i will put the fan just for peace of mind. More air flow could never hurt. Any Suggestion for a filter?
  3. I dont know how to check the gpu temps. I put on a small amount of arctic silver, and spread it as evenly as i could. Im pretty anal so i dont know if it has to be super even all the way across or if can be more like cake frosting(even but you can see the marks for the tool used to spread it. I installed ATITool and the idle temp is 44. I ran the max core utility and it got to 64. I know 44 is good CPU idea what this means for GPU.
  4. 1) I would like to cut a hole in the widnow to mount a fan to directly blow onto my video card. Is that panel glass or plactic. 2) Would this help? I think my vid card is over heating. I get small white dots in Direct3d. Reading other places they said that was a sign of the core over heating. I have a ATI Radeon x700 pro with a ATI Silencer by Arctic Cooling(used Arctic Silver paste of course) . The amout of white dots has gone done ..and takes a while to appear so the Silencer helped..but i think the fan directly blowing on it would help alot. 3) how thick should my layer of Arctic Silver be? I know I know a lot of question in one post. But ty all for your help.
  5. Just bought the centurion 5 and an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe. The headphones get audio but dont mute the speakers when headphones are plugged in. I have it plugged in like this FP Audio Wires --------------- MB Pins R out ------------------------- Line out_R R out ------------------------- BLINE_OUT_R L out -------------------------- Line out _L L out -------------------------- BLINE_OUT_L MICPWR ---------------------- MICPWR MIC --------------------------- MIC2 Ground ----------------------- AGND I have the NC and the +5va pins on the motherboard open. Some people have said they have two ground wires coming from the front and the 2nd one was plugged in NC. I only have 1 ground and its plugged into AGND. Do you think switching the ground to NC with mute the speakers. Or does the motherboard or the front audio not support the muting feature. Thanks for all your help. This is my first post. This is a cool forum.