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  1. Here's a couple of suggestions for all cases: - half an inch of space behind the motherboard tray so there will be a lot of room to tuck/hide cables. - CPU cutout hole should be bigger, instead of a square let it be a giant rectangle across the motherboard tray. - no more inherit grills for fan locations. I like what you did for the 690 II and HAF X as there are no grills for the front intake and top fan placements, it's all open. I'm hoping for the same thing for the rear fan placement, just add a modular grill. I hope to these implemented on revisions and future cases.
  2. What happen to the Havoc? Haven't heard anything about it since last year when I saw a bit of it on HexusTV.
  3. If it has dust filters especially on the side panel for that 200mm fan, I might get this over the ATCS 840. I wonder if we could mount 360 rad internally with the 200mm top fans just like the 840 with it's 230mm fans.