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  1. For arizz: trying to find a better "solution", imo these things should work without an user needing to tinkle with the stuff
  2. Guess that could be AiBooster (it's also supported in BiOS, don't ask me why, heh) AiBooster in windows has greyed out the QFan Control & there's only a temperature gauge on it .. but it's not only in windows, it's when ur booting the system the fan is @ max. (I had another Intel type mobo with another cpu fan on it and that worked quite well imo cos it was quiet until i started playing games then it started to increase the fan speed ..)
  3. Hi! Just got my Hyper 48 cooler at last, and installed it on my brand new P5GDC Deluxe mobo. Everything went fine until pressing the power button ! "The fan hit the fan" it was so loud i was abit worried it would break apart soon, so i went into the bios and checked the rpm on the bugger and it was @ approx. 3500rpm the whole time!?! I thought this fan was supposed to be Ultra Silent ? and with a speed of bout 1800rpm.. dunno if this is a ASUS spcific problem or Hyper 48 one ? I like the fan but i can stand the sound it makes (i took off the blue wire which i read here somoe have done, but still don't like the idea to know that it could get abit hot) So my question was which is the badguy here mobo or fan ? (ignore the specs below, that's outdated atm )
  4. yea, but i enjoyed the modding bit and i like the cable system on the X-Connect unit alot But hey, atleast i went for an CM fan in it, hehe. You could call this an T.U.T.S. (The Ultimate Thermal Solution) Mod
  5. Hi! Victim : Ultra X-Connect 500W Ultra Modular Titanium ATX Power Supply with UV Cable Kit Tools : Jigsaw (hehe, i know a dremel might be better but didn't have one ), Handheld drill, a little handy-dandy handsaw, 2hrs of free time Hardware : 120mm LED fan, rubberstrip, old 120mm fangrill(will be replaced with a lasercut one later) Goal : Remove 2x80mm fans, replace with 1x120mm LED fan Ok, let's get to work then (i don't own a digicam so i had to borrow one in the last minute so i don't have pics of all small details i did but will try to explain as we go) Here's a pic of the unit before any alterations (found this pic on the net) The inside of the unit, the upper mark i moved the cables out of the way and the mark below i took a piece of the plastic "wing" that pointed out too far Here's the part where the digicam should have been in my hands but not, so i gotta give u some info instead. I got my hands on a 120mm fan from CM (Blue LED Silent) that i used my little handy-dandy handsaw on to saw off 2 of the screw holders on the side that would be inserted towards the psu unit so they wouldn't interfere with the installation (as seen on the markings in above pic) Now it was time to mark out where the fan would sit and use my jigsaw to make the new hole , after that i used a piece of rubberstrip around the newly sawed hole to keep my fingers from not bleeding, hehe. Now there was just the assembling of the pieces together again(pretty simple) Oh, i used a little piece of honeycomb metal for the back fan grill to get a sleek look Here's a pic of the unit after the successful assembly Another pic of unit Unit powered up Unit powered up and lights turned off Well, there it is. Just a little mod that made me happy(cos it wen't so good and it still worked after i fiddled with it ) The 120mm fan i used in it just humms abit now instead of the 2x80mm one's that were in it before. (sorry for the crappy worklog and spelling, just wanted to share my little psu-mod with u guys )
  6. dr0op

    PSU fan rpm ?

    great, thx for the quick replies.. gonna try and post some pics after i'm done with the mod (just gotta borrow a digicam ) here's a pic + info on the "before mod" stay tuned
  7. dr0op

    PSU fan rpm ?

    Hiya! I'm about to get busy with my PSU and change the 2 x 80mm fans that are in it, but first i thought to post a question on what 120mm fan i should get installed (rpm wise) option 1 : 500-1000 rpm option 2 : 1000-1500 rpm option 3 : 1500-2000 rpm please give me some pointers, all help appreciated
  8. ah, yes .. it will nudge the back frame abit . The way i "solved" the problem without the need to cut a piece of the frame was to attach the 20-pin cord first and then insert the psu into place and tighten the screws It will then be nudging the frame but it works anyway
  9. dr0op

    Prescott cooling ?

    ah! very nice info there. The Hyper 48 seems to also fit better on different mobo's than other HUGE heatsink's out there I didn't know hermal paste could make such a difference in cooling now i know better to not buy some cheap "butter" p.s. and the Hyper 48 would look nice in my newly purchased Cavalier 1 case (just hoping i get the new one with the side panel window)
  10. Hi! I'm planning on building another game puter for myself soon, but i was wondering if anyone has any experience with any good 120mm coolers for a prescott cpu (gonna have a 3,4ghz one). Correct me if i'm wrong but a 120mm fan is more silent + get more effective cooling? Dunno if there are any "fanless" one's too perhaps, i'm gonna have a 120mm back fan sucking the air straight out too With all this i'm trying to get a puter that's cooled enuff and silent (don't we all love the sound of silence ). oh, and gonna have a x800 gfx card in it too(think it will also contribute to some annoying heat, hehe)
  11. As the topic says Would be nice to see one over 450W's in aluminium and fanless (0dB = aaah )
  12. ooh, that would make my very happy
  13. 1. Hyper 6 - Heat Sink Dimension: 96x82x120mm 2. Cavalier 2 - Dimension: 420x438x135mm Well this makes me abit unsure if it will fit or not As we can see the Hyper 6 is 120mm tall and the chassis is 135mm tall (dunno if it's inside or outside, guessing outside).. That's cutting it abit close. Maybe someone has installed this configuration already or someone could test it (perhaps the almighty bigbadbns ).
  14. oh, and can the Hyper 6 cooler be installed into it or not ? .. i'm looking to add an cpu cooler that blows "sideways" instead of from top ..