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  1. Hi everybody, I desperatly need your help!! I need as much comments (good and bad) as you can spare Please, torment me!! Kind regards, RED Coolermaster Benelux
  2. EEEH Ferry It looks better every time!!! I cant wait to see it live again Groete CM-Benelux
  3. RED

    White centurion 5

    yeah, you and the rest of the forum
  4. Hi Jiasan, Is you can let us know which chassis you bought.. it would be very helpfull, further more.. on top of your desk you can see the case in it's full glory. If you put it under your desk, you might not see it. Kind regards RED
  5. RED

    White centurion 5

    Hi SAD, That chassis you see is the Centurion 541 / B541 SPEC. -The 541 SPEC is a MIRCO ATX chassis -The B541 SPEC is a MINI BTX chassis The lay-out is the same For now still a Prototype Kind regards, RED
  6. RED

    White centurion 5

    \m/ Yep, we at coolermaster like the vulgair side of music \m/
  7. RED

    White centurion 5

    Thxx Ron That was the original foto I wanted to post But the Computex picture is a little more attractive *see you back tuesday*
  8. RED

    White centurion 5

    Hi everybody Check out the White version of the Centurion 5.. Let me know what you think about it.. Thanxx