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  1. Just curious if the Black Edition of the 932 will make it to retail even for sale just on the Site at all?
  2. Bleh been trying to keep my eyes peeled but no luck so far, any news on this or just keep watching out for it?
  3. Glad to have an update thanks Notorious!
  4. well havent seen or heard anything but keeping the hopes alive. Checkin daily atm.
  5. Well im tryin to keep my eyes peeled for that side panel if anyone happens to find it Link Please? I'll post when it happens to come out hopefully.
  6. The expected "roughly" time is gonna be within Febuary supposedly, the 5th according from the date of the post is 8 weeks. But hopefully we get an update soon
  7. Toryne

    V8 Fan Question

    I hear that the V8 Fan is a Red LED fan, is it possibe to switch it with one of Cooler Maste's own R4's? (looking to use Green LED theme in my case) *edit* actually found the answer to my own question, and seems like the R4's are usable in the V8!
  8. The simple answer...yes, yes i would buy a 23-mm filter for the front fan.
  9. Thanks for the Update Icejon, i'll plan accordingly!
  10. I am as well! Can't Wait till i can purchase one myself!