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  1. just as you said. 120mm fans come in different quality so do 200mm fans... I prefer to buy 1 large well made fan then 6 high pitched noisy fans. But Then When I want large fan I have to look at cases that have terrible color schemes like off white, silver. When an all black finish is preferred. Quite honestly im surprised CM is taking such a big step backwards. They honestly dont even own up to the name "cooler" master when many of the cooling options are basic. Yes make cases with window only side panneds and 2-3 120mm fans...
  2. I have specifically looked at he storm enforcer, it suits me. but it has absolutely no fan on the side panel. and I rather my graphics card have some airflow to it. the case is nice. I dont see why they didnt give it a 240mm fan to start and make that "see through glass" nonsense a purchase option for later. The case dimensions already are tight i hear. so Im not sure it even feasible. The HAF serise is not for me. its far too gaudy.
  3. Im having some issues with ever wanting to purchase another case from coolermaster. Main issue is, they seem to have went from the "functional" style. Now they have moved to the more "showroom" style of cases. Gone is the age of great 200mm fans. Whats with all the see through side panels? Would they ever go back to making cases that have fans for cooling? Are they completely done with cooling, is this a phase of some sort? I know you could probably Modify your own side-fans and other cooling, but if future customers want great cooling and spacious cases they may as well cut the middle man (CM,Antec,Corsair,ect) and build their own PC cases. So far coolermaster is literally taking more steps backwards than forwards. The features are less and less. Cases have near to no decent cooling, no dampening material, no filters. Its sad to know i can think of more reason why not to get a CM case then why i SHOULD get one..Another company that used to think outside the box, now seems have placed themselves inside. anyways food for thought.
  4. Hi all. just completed my very first PC build 2 days ago. everything is going fine except I can for the life of me figure out why the Fans on the side panel of my CM690 case (non windowed) why it makes this annoying *whirrr* or almost *buzzing* now Ifigured it must have been the individual fan. well come to find out. No matter which fan I place on the side panel they all make that noise. Whats he cause of this, and how can I fix it?
  5. MechPilot

    ATX location?

    thx Ill give it a try. Just htough I bring it up because my CM690 doesnt have marking of anykind
  6. MechPilot

    ATX location?

    I wanted to know. How do you know the exact location on where to put the standoffs for the motherboard if they arent marked in the case? I THINK im looking at the right holes on the motherboard but I would really hate to find out the hard way.
  7. well after using a power supply tester I recently purchased I think everything should be fine. light for 4-pin was green, 6-pin Green, The Sata Green, 20-24pin Green. The beep from tester was smooth so im happy! Though I have to say I had NO idea how quiet newer PSU's were. I mean I had to look through the bottom just to make sure the fan was spinning when I turned it on, because having it out and right in front of me I wouldn't have known the difference lol.
  8. Well Ive seen many others likes hardwarereviews ect. I was just a bit worried when they almost made it thier buisness to mention it like that. Also it wont sway my view, heck the thing is literaly sitting right next to me lol. Just want to make sure everything goes well.
  9. Get off your Buns and make us an All-in-one CPU liquid cooling lol. With CoolItsystems coming out with a new thier new ECO and Vantage A.L.C, ... olers.html Though I'm not sure if it would be a good idea due to the Leaky history of the Domino. I personally like the idea on this cooling technique, And would certainly be interested if Cooler Master made such a venture. Also I would give me more options instead of the same old overused Brand name usually mentioned... Anyways just an Idea I wanted to put out there.
  10. just read up on this fairly extensive review and comparison on ... up-22.html I have to say I'm not to pleased to hear about the performance of the 850w at higher stress levels. Seeing the mention of a "Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde" quality makes me a bit weary So I decided to stop by and see if anyone has actually experienced this "plaintive wail" for themselves ? I had looked at this system for a few reasons 1: Im sooo over the whole "Its Corsair or nothing" phase. 2: The six PCI-e is sexy lol 3. cant say ive heard of too many Bad coolermaster products. 4: it will look awsome in my CM690 case. Im not going to regret this will I?
  11. ... up-22.html ouch you guys got a pretty bad review here.