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  1. darude_boy

    Show Us Your Cases!

    @ MM, both sides of my case are pretty plain: http://www.mp3influence.pwp.blueyonder. ... %20018.jpg
  2. darude_boy

    Show Us Your Cases!

    yea, to be honest though, I only bought the aerocool because of its looks. It only controls my 120mm case fan.
  3. darude_boy

    Show Us Your Cases!

    my c5 mod http://www.mp3influence.pwp.blueyonder. ... %20043.jpg http://www.mp3influence.pwp.blueyonder. ... %20047.jpg http://www.mp3influence.pwp.blueyonder. ... %20001.jpg http://www.mp3influence.pwp.blueyonder. ... %20003.jpg http://www.mp3influence.pwp.blueyonder. ... %20006.jpg
  4. darude_boy

    Show Us Your Cases!

    loving those monitors MM. Could you tell me the price per monitor and where you got them from? Cheers
  5. darude_boy

    should I buy this.....

    I also have a cool drive 4 (30% for cooling 70 % for looks )
  6. darude_boy

    Centurion 5 User Group

    I presumed they did. I still hope am right
  7. darude_boy

    Centurion 5 User Group

    still no more posts... hows your case coming along Mr Miyagi? I have just finished a big mod on my C5. Dont know whether to post soon or wait for this years competition hehe. btw, is this years coolermaster case competition soon?
  8. darude_boy

    [project] i-spider, a stacker mod.

    you could lock a dwarf in that haha
  9. darude_boy

    Centurion 5 User Group

    we need some more C5 users to post pix of their cases. I mean the Stacker thread is pushing close to 30 pages and the C5 is only on 2! Come on guys get your pix uploaded plz lol
  10. darude_boy

    Centurion 5 Front USB problem

    I have seen this question asked a lot lately and thought I would post a pic of the most common problem. If only 1 of your front USB ports work on your C5 (and it only just works..) then this could be the problem. Only half of the USB connection is pluged in. http://www.mp3influence.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/1.bmp
  11. darude_boy

    Centurion 5 User Group

    there is sometimes a problem with the C5 front USB ports. this is the problem: http://www.mp3influence.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/1.bmp i will make a post about it now as I have seen this question quite a lot
  12. darude_boy

    [project] i-spider, a stacker mod.

    It really is a piece of art, everything is completely original. I wouldnt call you a modder, but a proffesional. You could (if you dont already) make a healthy living on producing these original mods. Originality is the key and this is in my eyes already one of the best mods I have ever seen and it isnt even finished hehe . I simply love it, well done.
  13. darude_boy

    Centurion 5 User Group

    i agree with idusty
  14. darude_boy

    Centurion 5 User Group

    only 1 person on the planet has pix of there C5?? ill post some of mine once I get some webspace sorted
  15. darude_boy

    Centurion 5 LOUD

    you first need to locate the source of the noise. presumably it is a fan creating the noise so try slowing each fan down. I have a Centurion 5 and it is absolutely silent . Cases dont make noise hehehe