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  1. Many thanks for this very useful information. I am deciding which case to get for my home server build, and one of the most important things is number of hard drives case can accomodate.
  2. I am particularly interested in Elite 334. It's specs say that it has 6 hidden and 1 exposed 3,5" drive bays. Is it possible to mount hard drives in all these bays, ie. maximum of 7? Top two bays seem to be different, but can they still host 3,5" hard drives? 334U and other newer Elite chassis have specs of 5 hidden and 1 exposed, still I can't see any visual difference between these hard drive racks. This still looks like 7 bays to me:
  3. I installed Megaflow 200mm fan (didn't know they are different from the fans that came with my case), and there was absolutelly no change in GPU temps. Not even one degree. CPU does run just a tiny bit cooler. If side fan doesn't help, is there any other way to cool GPU down? My 5770 reaches around 80 C at full load.
  4. I took off top two stealthed bay covers, and am now having hard time trying to put them back. Covers are just falling down, I need to put back those springs properly somehow. Can anyone post pics of their CM 530 front bezel, so I can figure out how to do it.
  5. Thanks. What about STB-3T4-E1?
  6. Can this module be fitted in Storm Sniper case? I hope there will be all black version soon.