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  1. You can use it however you want to, but i'd say that intake would be best but its up to you.
  2. We know this, but im pretty sure there is a way to connect it so that it controls the led on another fan. Just did a lil search and found this reviewer saying how he did his. ... 929&sr=8-1
  3. I would also like to know that, how to wire my megaflow 200 that i added to the side panel so that the led switch will operate both leds on the fans. I dont understand why they wouldn't make it so that you could do it that way in the first place. I tried looking for 200mm case fans without leds but from the reviews none of them worked properly with the haf 922 so i ended up getting the red megaflow 200. Would be nice to have a wiring diagram or something.