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  1. Anybody know where I can order new feet?One of mine cracked and broke on me.
  2. There on the product page but no price yet.
  3. So when are these going to be available? http://translate.google.com/translate?j ... auto&tl=en
  4. No I have the stock fan pushing air down towards the motherboard and if anything I thought another big fan behind it would help,But it doesnt.All I know is I just got thru playing COD4 for an hour and my cpu temp never went over 47c with the fan off because ive been monitoring it with core temp.Lastnight with the fan on it was hitting 60-62c.Theres got to be some strange kind of turbulance causing this.
  5. I didnt install the side fan,it came installed.The side fan is intake and the top fan is exhaust.
  6. Im using the stock cooler for my AMD 965.
  7. I just ran another test incase it was a fluke.I ran prime 95 with the side fan on and the cpu got up to 67c,and with the fan off it never went over 54c.Even with the fans on the lowest setting my cpu never goes over 56c.So that side fan blowing in is really screwing up the airflow.
  8. I finally changed my case after 7 years of using a thermaltake xaser 2 which had five 80mm fans of which only two still worked.Only the 2 rear fans were still working but the case still worked pretty good.So I finally got sick of looking at it and didnt feel like replacing fans and went out and bought the storm sniper black,which is a really nice case.So I switch everything over and to my amazement the cpu is now running almost 10c hotter than in the old case.So I read around some forums and found that if you disable the side fan it will help.So I disabled it and guess what,now the cpu runs 10c cooler.My question is,does coolermaster actually test these cases?This seems to be a major flaw if this is happening to everybody that buys this case.And I was wondering if it would work better if I had the side fan blowing out instead of in?
  9. I guess you were not around six or seven years ago when all cases were white or manilla color,yuck.
  10. I thought it was a full tower when it got delivered.None of these cases will have a problem with new video cards unless they start making them 14 inches long.
  11. I just got mine this morning and its great.The only problem I had was,does this case come with motherboard standoffs and screws?I seem to be missing those.
  12. I hope that doesnt happen to me. Mine should be here tommorrow.
  13. Well they showed up at newegg,so i guess that answers my question. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6811119194
  14. How would you know if the demand is high if you cant get it here?Just because it doesnt sell well in europe,doesnt mean it wont sell well here.