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  1. Wow, and only $70! Do you know if the dual PSU versions will be available as well?
  2. 4-3 Module as the ideal data center storage solution? Maybe, but what about the blue LED's? I'm building a storage server and storing hard drives in enterprise storage cases can get very pricy. Here is a 9U rack from chenbro that houses 50 hard drives... Sexy, hot swappable and $4,000, ouch! The 4 in 3 modules on the other hand can keep your hard working drives nice and cool and can be had at newegg for less than $25 each making it a 10th of the cost of the chenbro solution for the same number of hard drives. Frankly, I can't find a cheaper way to do this anywhere and 4 in 1 modules are far easier to move around than a 9U data server chassis full of drives. I love these things and they look great in a silver stacker 830... So, I'm going 36 1.5 TB hard drives. 12 will be in the stacker itself and an additional 24 in these little 4 in 1 modules. My question is this, since I'm going to be running a ton of these things and I don't want my server room to look like something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I was wondering if anyone has disabled the blue LED's that come with it (is it easy to do? cause I would need to do 9 of these) or if the old "legacy" versions are still available from CM. Thanks for the help.
  3. I've been looking to get a second one of these for a server build but have been unable to locate one. CM I'm guessing doesn't make them anymore, is that right? It's still up on the CM website under legacy, not sure if it's still produced. P.S. - Hello to all the old school CM guys
  4. Is the VCC suppposed to be at 3.3? The voltage problems should only cause the system to be come unstable and crash and I don't believe it should cause a slowdown of the system. However, if you are trying to overclock, the card should be stable at slightly higher clocks depending on how accurate the voltages are but yours sound fine anyway. As I said before though, you need to use a multimeter to be sure. Which games are you running? How many frames are you getting? How are you conducting the test? (are you using fraps and just running around and guessing that they are about the same or are you using futuremark) I think the 80+ probably means the PSU is more than 80% power efficient at peak efficiency. 80+ is a notably high efficiency rating and I'm not sure about that PSU's rating. If I don't get back to this thread soon then feel free to PM me.
  5. you need a multimeter to measure voltages accurately. Also, at different loads the voltages should also be different. So, what SLI performance isssues are you having?
  6. Pleanty quiet and plenty cool with the right aftermarket air cooling devices. See for more details. I mounted the triple 120mm fan radiator right in front of the AC vent for the coolest air possible. The setup is otherwise about as powerful as you can have it unless you go with larger 1/2" tubing which I would be willing to debate anybody that it won't make a measurable difference. Fact is that it was very quiet, the fans for the radiator are behind the desk and turned all the way down. As a result of the water taking most of the heat out of the case for me, I was then able to turn the case fans down to silent and still have a plenty of cooling. Overclocking gains seemed crazy at first but after measuring them against the aftermarket air cooler I realized that it was just a really good chip. Certainly less than 50Mhz difference even with the voltage turned way up. On the plus side, the watercooling was not only as quiet as possible but the one time investment of $500 can be used again and again throughout your various builds over the years.
  7. Haha, thank you. I must say it was a fun project and I did it as well about as it can be done. In the end I'm not sure I would recommend watercooling at all.
  8. I built one which looks hot, has a nice build, tight fit, clean, stays wet where pink, dissipates plenty of heat and requires a strong pump. Link I have plenty of experience in this area, if you have questions let me know.
  9. I like these cause they offer cases custom designed to fit apple mac book and mac book pro laptops. Probably too expensive for most peoples taste but I'm constantly on the move and need something that has a good chance of surviving a hard drop.
  10. I hate recommending asus boards cause they seems so unreliable. I know the Asus P5B-Deluxe is a very solid overclocker board with plenty of features. Beyond that, I'm sure you can find a good overclocking board for cheaper.
  11. Why not go with an cheap intel core2duo? With a little OC skill, that processor with 2GB of ram will provide top of the line performance at a cheap price with the right motherboard.
  12. IMO
  13. I'm pretty sure different cases have different size spacers. Specify?
  14. Based upon the numbers, I'm sure the CM stuff is just fine. I do admit however, I've never used anything but AS5.
  15. Which processor are you over clocking? Weird, ceramic used to conduct heat. Funny, the ceramic space shuttle heat shields can be heated to 5000C and be held in your hand without burning you specifically because they just don't transfer heat.
  16. Okay, should see a response today, if not, PM me again monday. /I don't work here... well, I don't get paid anyway.
  17. Please copy email to thread with email address you sent it to as well as date and time you sent it.
  18. Jeez dude, that's amazing! Can't believe you can do that in just 20hrs, it's so uniform.
  19. Yeah, email robbie and you're right, you don't need to send the drive I'm sure. Or he may just test to make sure the rails he going to send you work perfectly and then ship them to you. If you don't hear back from robbie in a timely fashion for whatever reason, PM me a copy of the email that you sent him and I'll see what I can do. In eithercase, keep me posted cause I'm interested how this turns out.
  20. Weird, I never had a problem but I can only remember using those on the 3in4 modules, I'm sure I used them on the DVD drives if they are needed to stick in there correctly. I'd love to have a look at this in person but I'm half way across the globe from where you are. Maybe you get someone at CM europe to take shipment of the drive to confirm your findings, don't forget to include the rails you are using.
  21. Just left LA last night or I would be able to help you better. Anyways, can you post a picture that would visually describe your problem?