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  1. I certainly appreciate the advice, but perhaps you (or someone) could be more specific? Is there an organization or company that makes preferred "mass" to dampen vibrations in computer towers? Or is there something I could request at a local supplier? Basically, what do I need to get? As always, thank you!
  2. Greetings all! I have an 840 full tower case. I absolutely love it! Classic, practical, sleek design with enough space for whatever my computing needs may be in the future. I do have only one issue, however...I have a pretty basic setup inside of the case, and it rests on a solid piece of wood which then rests on low carpet (very level). The problem is, when the side panel is installed, it creates a low oscillating vibrating noise (initially, I actually thought someone was vacuuming in the apartment above mine). I went over to my locally-owned hardware store and purchased some sponge tape, placing several strips on the inside of the removable panel in the center. This reduced the vibration, but did not eliminate it... I'm sure that some vibration is normal for any full tower setup, it's mainly the accompanying noise that I have a problem with. So my questions are: 1) Is there anything else I might try? I'm very open to suggestions and would like to hear what has worked for others 2) Does CoolerMaster make a different (thicker/stronger/different material) side panel for the 840? Right now I have the side panel completely removed. I'm not concerned about dust (easy to take care of), but don't want to have this as my permanent fix. Again, any advice is greatly appreciated! Also, a huge kudos on the forum site setup...this might be my first post, but it definitely won't be my last