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  1. Okame

    Cooldrive 6 Faults

    Tried out the last two drives now and one of those has a fault. Instead of saying CH 4 it just says 00 but it does go on to display the temperature correctly. So, out of 6 drives only 2 are ok. I'm a bit disappointed really.... Well, I have checked that the cables from the temperature probes are firmly connected on to the actual PCB and all they all look ok. Is there anything else you can think of that I can check? This I am about to try but my supplier specifically mentions that they will not accept anthing unless all the original bits are there. Like I said, I have already cut up some of the thermal pads and I doubt they will want those back...
  2. Okame

    Cooldrive 6 Faults

    I have just recently bought six Cooldrive 6s and, out of the four i have currently set up, three have got problems. Drive one: When it cycles round to where it should display 'FAN 2' it actually says 'FN 2' (minor problem i know). Drive two: Some of the 'pixels' in the LED display are not as bright as they should be and look really strange. Also, the temperature on channel 2 does not work, it always displays as 0.0 degrees. Drive three: The temperature on channel 3 does not work, it always displays as 0.0 degrees. Also, when I initially powered it on, none of the buttons would work. This has since rectified itself though. Would these problems be considered as genuine reasons for replacement and, as I have already cut up the thermal pads, will that stop me from being able to get a replacement? I wonder what the other two will be like....