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  1. No problem :D

    anything to help cooler master push a few more units ;)

    I ordered from there, received it monday...I'm very happy with the performance, I have a mobile 2600+ @ 2.5GHz (12.5x200) and I haven't seen it reach over 42c. This is in a cooler master wave master case with 3 4800rpm fans so keep that in in mind ;)

  2. Im pretty certain all you need to do is remove the two screws from the bottom of the case and two top hexagonal screws and then simply slide the bottom piece off to have access but I'm not sure as I haven't changed the stock fans before.

  3. Yeah I recently had a bad run in with a thermaltake cooler and im forced to use a really crappy dynatron heatsink/fan that picked up locally until I can find a good heatsink/fan to order online. I have a mobile athlon 2600+ @ 2.5ghz (12.5x200)

    So i'm definetly looking for something that can keep an overclocked processor cooled down well. The dynatron does suprisingly well, about 48-50c on load but that's a bit higher than i'm used to. So any recommendations would be helpful.

    If you could post placed to buy the Vortex Dream 7, and review on it, i'd greatly appreciate it.

  4. Hey guys, new to the forums, alot of good information going around. I was browsing for an affordable cooler the other day and ran across the Cooler Master HHC-001, its the all copper one with the heatpipes. Just wondering how good the performance was, if anyone had tried it or uses it. Thanks.