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  1. I'm also hoping to get my 830 WC-setup ready, but I need a custom waterblock and that's quite difficult for me as I don't have any engineering experience
  2. I have a hard time believing the PSU is the problem. The setup you have should run with ease on all the PSU's you have, maybe not the 450W. Have you disabled auto rebooting after a system error ? You can find that by right-clicking "This Computer" and going to "properties". Than you have to navigate to "advanced", followed by the third button, "boot up and recovery options" or something like that (I've got a Dutch OS). Disable the automatic reboot. This way, if your PC locks up, it won't automatically reboot. If you do get this Blue Screen, write down the code or the filename that's causing it and google for it. It wouldn't suprise me that it says "nv4disp.dll caused the system to abruptly stop...". Otherwise, do a memory test with Memtest86 (burn it to a CD and boot it). I really doubt that 3 PSU's are defective...
  3. I really don't understand how people manage to not install a motherboard in most of the Stacker cases. I had the STC-T01 and now I have the RC-830, both let me install the motherboard without any problems. The only "problem" I ran into is that not all PCI-cards would fit because the end tip is bent (out of the box). Bend it so it's straight and voila. Are you sure you used the correct spaces ? Could you make a picture of the problem ? It touching the PCI brackets and the alignment over the gold hex screws. Because I really doubt it has to do with the case itself.
  4. OK great, now that we know that I always thought the ones I have where the latest. The two AG's I got for my new system are both RL-HUC-E8U2 with the Socket 775 support sticker on the box. The device itself has a sticker which says "ALC-U01".
  5. ts_123, isn't that for the OLD block with only 2 heads ? The ones I have are from the new AquaTrident block with three heads: Scans from the manual, the specific parts: The install: The nescessary parts: This is what it should be like: Don't forget to remove the plastic tape protecting the copper base when you apply the thermal paste ! I doesn't say that in the manual You then put the block on the CPU, the screws should go through the holes in the motherboard. Put the X-like bracket on the back of the motherboard with the black plastic stuff facing the motherboard (it prevents short circuits and damage). When you got the bracket and the respective screws lined up, you then proceed by turning a screw a few times, than followed by the screw on the end accross. Then you do the same with the other two screws, so they are tightened evenly. If you do it crossed like I said, you prevent the block from sloping and thus making sure the entire surface makes contact. Keep tightening the screws a few turns one at a time until the block is attached so tightly that it seems it was one with the motherboard There shouldn't be any friction left. Also, pressure helps heat transfer. Just don't overtighten it that the motherboard starts to bend
  6. If you are going for a AquaGate mini R120, you can use about any case that has a rear or top 120mm fan. And that's practically 80% of the CM cases. For the rest that have 80mm fans, Coolermaster has a AquaGate Mini R80 So you should just choose the case you like and take the appropriate AquaGate with that. Also, the AquaGate should keep your CPU cool enough. It probably won't lower that temperature as that is already pretty low, but it will lower the noise considerably. Also, your hardware shouldn't have any trouble fitting in any case. Personally I like the new Mystique 632, too bad I already bought an RC-830 or I would've bought this one for sure.
  7. I've had a stacker and I have worked on more than that in the past, I've never come across all the problems some people have. I just recently bought an RC-830. Yes so the side panels aren't "easy" to remove. Well, they made a mechanism that is actually rock solid, the side panel mechanism that is holding it into place is all made of aluminum (except the locks). The fact that you can open anything on the case without using a screwdriver is remarkable, certainly on an all aluminum case. Yeah it is easy on a case made from steel and plastic, you get all that plastic that probably bends it's way in. Not talking about the flimsiness some cases have with their side panels...
  8. Nice idea you got there tommy ! You do have some work left with the cables though
  9. I just got the goods, now all I need is the extra radiator (I already have one) and I'm good to go ! Only problem I currently have: not enough room for 2 Aquagates, 2 ODD drives, X-Fi Platinum frontpanel and a 4-in-3 module. That's ten bays with only 9 in the RC-830... So I'll probably need to do some massive hacking on the goods to make it all fit Or I could make the X-Fi Platinum frontpanel into an external breakout box... I'm actually not sure what to do with the 2 Aquagates... Leave them like they are or do "stuff" (secret for now ). Anyway, I have some time to think about it before the radiator arrives Thanks for the tip tommy !!
  10. Nice work Saiko ! You got a nice overview picture for the CM Stacker topic on GoT perhaps ? It still has the old picture
  11. Anybody happen to have the specs on the pump inside ? Or the type number ?
  12. That would be a start yes. Also don't forget the button That sometimes happens. If you used some sort of "thick" double-sided tape, you could actually open the drive by pushing hard enough on one corner. If you also fixed something hard in the place that would touch the button, you're in business !
  13. What I would if I were you: - INTAKE: two front fans @ 1000rpm - EXHAUST: top and back fan @ 2000rpm - INTAKE: four sidepanel fans @ 1000rpm - EXHAUST: Power Supply This would create overpressure. Or... - EXHAUST: two front fans @ 1000rpm - EXHAUST: top and back fan @ 1000rpm - INTAKE: four sidepanel fans @ 1000rpm - EXHAUST: Power Supply That would create underpressure. In my opinion, using two of the sidepanel fans as intake and two as exhaust, would give problems, air turbulance. BUT you can always try ! Just test it out: put the fans the way you want, let the computer run for an hour using a hardware stressing program and measure the temperatures (motherboard, VGA, CPU, harddrives). Turn it off, change the fans to another configuration and test again.
  14. Yeah but he is on vacation Well, I'll just buy two Aquagates and have each one handle an extra 240x120mm rad, that shouldn't give too many problems I think...
  15. Yeah that's the idea That the system is prepared for anything coming at it in 3 years or so Including hot summers