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  1. wow so expensive 50 for the old model was already a lot ;d might as well just replace a defective drive for almost the same price ;( thanks for the help guys. I tried newegg b4 I asked didnt see it
  2. its august 6 been counting down the dayz really need these ;d
  3. I tried that b4 but the drive wasnt secured in there and it would slide in and out.
  4. Well after putting in another hour of my life in trying to get this to work. by using the other holes in the drive. I found out that the screws easily strip at the slightest tightening of the screws and dont hold in at all. So I figured there is nothing else to do with this problem besides sit here be pissed. I really dont understand why it was made like. The reason I put in all the money into buying a cm stacker/hd cooler(s) was so I could fit my hardrives in 1 case and keep them cool (ermaster) I found out that I cant even use the fan that comes with the cm because as soon as you put the floopy in the fan doesnt fit and the hd coolers they made dont even fit their own products ?! I am really dissapointed with cm and I was about to get everything in my computer with cm products because of the looks really. Im sorry for waisting everyones time with my problems. I guess I will have to look elsewhere for products that actually work properly. My hds still sit on my desk after all the time/money I put into this.
  5. thanks for the help everyone. I guess I can try that I just thought it wouldent be locked in well without all the screws. I am gona just use this one for a primary for now. I have 6 other drives I want to put coolers on but untill they make it so I dont have to hook the fans to it I wont be able to buy them because the loud beeps will drive me nuts.
  6. i thought about that but then the back screws wouldent line up and it would prolly be falling towards the back end and yes those screws are holding the faceplate in i think heh. Im still lost as to why they made it like that maybe someone made a wrong measurement somewhere ? lol
  7. lol drill ? I dont understand why its like this ... its from the same company thats why i bought it so there would be no compatibility issues ;d Will the new cooldrive have the same problems ? I tried to send it back from where i bought it but they shockingly dont return emails I just read the review and he was exactly right Cons - Warning signal (when fan not connected) - Doesn’t fit in all cases - Price Im not much worried about the price if it worked right ;( It cost me $50
  8. ok I could see where there was a problem in the 1st place with the beeping but like I said I have a lot of hds I want to have with the hd cooler so how could I give them all cpu fans to connect ? and I still dont know how to fit the thing into the case .. the wires I think you are talking about in the 1st place were never really an issue because the cm stacker has a lot of those removable grilles that u can make room for. I circled what I thought u were talkin about. The screw holes dont seem to line up at all and I have a picture comparing something that fits in the stacker to something that doesnt (the cooldrive). I would like to know if anyone has fit it into the stacker because it has different holes for screwing stuff in . most cases leave more room for different screw configs the cm only has small holes for only 1 type of screw config and it doesnt seem to fit. Where that big screw is. is where the holes for the cooldrive are. Thanks for all the help attempts guys
  9. the cooldrive is beeping because the fans are not attachced to it. not the motherboard ;( The reason I said ' i duno why its built like that' is because it seems like it needs 4 x 3-Pin fans to be plugged into it at all times or the smoke detector beep will go off ;d If someone wanted to use it on mulitple drives they would all be beeping like crazy ;d
  10. Well I bought a cooldrive and first problem is that it doesnt seem to fit an atx case or at least it doesnt fit the cm stacker right. I lined a cdrom up to it also and the screw holes dont line up. The next thing is that the damn thing wont stop beeping . im guessing it needs all fans ???!? I have 7 HDs that need coolers I only bought 1 for testing though. I dont even have enough fans to supply 1 hd cooler so it constantly beeps like a smoke detector ... I dont understand why it would be built like this people have more than 1 drive. I know u can shut it off after it starts beeping but thats too much of a hassle to do everytime. Maybe im missing something ? oh yea the cm stacker .. why was the hd holder made so u cant put the fan on after putting a floppy drive in ? shouldent the floppy have its own housing so it doesnt get in the way ?