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  1. Bracket with jetflo screws Bracket with original screws Difference between the two screws With the jetflo screws is not possible to use the anti-vibration rubber pads and the screws are in direct contact with the cooler, which may cause some vibration and slightly damage cooler fins.
  2. Hello, Recently I bought one jetflo fan to install in the hyper 212 evo and I must say it does not fit perfectly, the screws aren‘t suitable, and 100% compatible screws are hard to get. Cooler Master should address this, hyper 212 must be one of the best selling coolers, so why not include 100% compatible screws with the jetflo.
  3. Anyone know where can I buy the window side panel? is out of stock and do not answer my mails . Thanks.
  4. Ok, thanks for your answer.
  5. I am upgrading my pc, the new configuration is: - Intel Core i7; - Ati HD 5850; - 700W PSU; - 4 HDD's My questions are: 1) This case provides enough airflow? 2) Hyper 212 Plus cooler fits in this case? Thanks