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  1. I found the rails. I have about ten pairs of them. They came with the case. I had just forgotten that. Both the Scythe case and the Level case install nicely into the Stacker STC-T01 with these rails Problem solved. Case closed.
  2. The Scythe QuietDrive (as well as the alternative: Level HDD Shell II) is a 5.25'' wide hard drive enclosure that takes 3.5'' hard disks and sound isolates them. - The Scythe box is about 1 - 2 mm too narrow. - It needs those tiny ~1 mm thick black plastic rails with two tiny pins (that match the HDD screw holes). - These rails are simply placed on the sides of the HDD case and then the drive slides into the STC01 Stacker. I need more of these 5.25'' mounting rails. Where do I get them?
  3. I have the CoolerMaster Stacker STC-01 case, and I would need to improve the sound isolation of my hard disks. Ideally I am looking for a 3.5'' hard disk case that fits in the hard drive bays. My current hd cases somehow don't fit there (very very unsecure). Would Scythe Quiet Drive work? Or Level HDD Shell II ?
  4. Oh yes. It fits. I've the SSI EEB sized K8WE in a STC-T01.
  5. /temp

    CM Stacker - USB

    Two unused USB2 sockets reserved for future use? - In the future we have wireless USB and firewire 800. Not six USB2. Destop USB2 hubs have been invented, too. - Who is plugging six USB devices in the front panel, by the way? If one has that many USB devices at the same time, then they are probably permanently attached and hence better plugged in at the rear of the computer (not cluttering the front). Why not cater for contemporary needs instead? That is: FireWire 800 for hard disks, card readers for CompactFlash/SecureDigital/MemoryStick? Make it a removable, interchangeable panel.
  6. ... or would there be some sort of suspension device allowing vertical mounting of 5.25'' disks? Without a front fan they cool better that way.
  7. I don't need all the usb/fw/mic/phone connectors that come standard with the Stacker-1 front panel. Instead I would like to have a module with power and reset buttons and a removable usb/fw/... module. Then I could swap it out for something more useful to me (a card reader with a single usb). Are there any third party alternatives? I would also like to mount vertically a floppy drive, a card reader and a tape drive (or the usb/fw module). All are 3.5''. Any ideas?
  8. I'm using 5.25'' hdd shells to silence hard disks. I would like to put a 12'' fan in front of the disks. The 4-in-3 module doesn't accept 5.25'' disk enclosures. Any alternatives?
  9. I would like a PSU to be utmost quiet and yet provide ample high quality power. - High quality means, for me: a) protection from overload, overtemp, overvoltage, shortcircuit etc. standards compliance. And it would be the SSI version 3.5 standard (quad rail EPS12V etc.). That would certainly satisfy the ATX standars, too... c) high quality capacitors that don't leak (and break the motherboard) d) a warning signal (to desktop and/or beep) when the PSU temperature rises too much (and advance warning of overtemp protection shutting it all down) - Ample power means at least two high-end cpus and gpus, and a bunch of sata disks OR dual PSU setup. Other ideas: 1) Modular design with pluggable cables would be very nice. 2) Lots of molex cabels sleeved together and one short lead (a few inches) with a molex connector sticking out every few inches. Would be nice for multi-hdd setups. Make the molex snake for eight hdd. 3) quiet fans 4) Minimum exiting air turbulence by correct design of the AIR DUCT behind the PSU. 5) A switch to optionally turn off the leds. Blue light makes one think of arcs and fire (you could add a little speaker, though, to get some very cool electric buzzz to impress teenagers . I want MY PSU to be dark and dull. This belongs to the same class with water cooled PSU. I wouldn't dare to touch such a computer with a wooden stick... It just FEELS dangerous. Now, if it's plastic tubing with isolation liquid, then it's a different story. 6) Just sink the PSU internals in thermally conducting isolation liquid. Let the heat be conducted to the computer case or an optional radiator. Such a wet PSU might be 0 dB(A) and quite powerful. If it would leak it would not even destroy the computer - it isolates... The only problem is to design the heat conduction such that it is better than the present air cooled ones. Maybe not that practical, after all? 7) Passively cooled low power SLAVE PSU for hard disks / opticals / fans Smart fan that cools the PSU (and case) after power-off until a certain temperature is reached.
  10. For how long does the RealPower 550W PSU fan keep cooling down the chassis after a shutdown & power off? This "smart fan" feature is designed to prolong hardware life. Many good (read: server) PSUs have this feature (as well as fan stress test at boot).
  11. Ok, some specs for this video workstation: - Tyan K8WE motherboard, 2x 1.8GHz Opteron 265 (dual core), 2-4GB ddr400 - Sata raid controller - 2x10kRPM sata hdd (system+scratch disk), 3x7kRPM 300GB sata hdd (MaxlineIII's in raid5) - dvd burner - M-Audio/Edirol firewire audio hardware, bus powered - Some high res 3D capable graphics card, possibly some Nvidia Geforce 6800 or the like (but not those noisy ultras and no SLI) Possible later (1-2 years from now) upgrades: cpu/ram and most likely more storage space (1-3 drives). The raid controller provides some flexibility (online expansion, configuration on disk...)
  12. Hi I'm building a dual CPU system in the Stacker case. The initial setup will feature 5 SATA disks (+dvd) and (much) later it will be expanded to 8 SATA disks maximum. What can I do to supply power for all those disks? The Coolermaster RealPower PSUs only feature three SATA power connectors Can I split them? Can I split one molex to several SATA? A dual PSU solution is acceptable, too - and probable (despite the minor complications incl. dummy load, extra wires etc). My very favourite color for the PSU led would be black. Matte.
  13. Hi, I'm building a new computer and I need to choose a case within a week (OK, within three weeks max). I cannot wait to july or august for the new stacker versions. Hence: - Has anyone actually built a computer with the Tyan Thunder K8WE (S2895) motherboard in a Cooler Master Stacker STC-01 case? Yes or no? I want to make sure that the MOTHERBOARD can be properly attached (with heatsinks and all) to the case. Any problems? (videocard issues are a minor concern - I can choose a fitting card anyway) Thanks
  14. I, too, am building a QUIET Tyan S2895 based dual Opteron workstation. With one GPU only, but with six fast harddrives... I have figured out that I need dual PSUs. I'll explain... But first note this: Adding decibels involvels lots of logarithmic calculations, but you could use this: http://www.csgnetwork.com/decibelamplificationcalc.html But let's proceed now... - A single RealPower 550 PSU would create 23dB up to 40% load, 25db @ 50% load and ~38dB @100% load. - Two such PSUs, both at 40% load, would create ONLY 23db+23dB=26dB Hence, if the single/only PSU gets loaded more than about 50% then a dual PSU setup is as quiet as or quieter than the single PSU setup (assuming evenly split load). An extreme example: One could use two of these PSUs at 50% load each (25dB+25dB=28dB) or one at 100% load, 38dB. So a dual PSU, when properly implemented, could be 10dB quieter than a single PSU when running heavy applications such as editing video & soundtracks or playing games with realistic 3D sound... Halving the noise would certainly be worth a try. In a less ideal setup the gain in quietness would be less. Having two GPUs and/or lot's of harddisks makes it easier to achieve the optimum, however. On the other hand, if one decides to run noiseless (passively cooled) PSUs, then one really needs two PSUs. The second PSU slot is also good for water cooling systems, especially when one might want to mount a lot of hard disks in sound isolated 5.25 inch boxes... (they will heat up more and die sooner, but that's what RAID is for) The Tyan S2895 needs a 24pin main power, a 8pin CPU power, a 6pin workstation power. The RealPower 550 has all of these. It also has ONE PCI-E power cord. If one needs two, then there is a need for two PSUs... (I also took a look at MANY other PSUs including the new Enermax EPS12V - This RealPower 550 is the best IMHO) So, by now it should be clear that there are setups that cannot be achieved by any single PSU setup. Many of you find that the looks of a case is important (=modding). I respect your opinion, but personally I couldn't care less of case aesthetics. Or maybe just a little bit Functionality (speed, capacity, noise), however, is more important. In fact I have a wish: Give us a StarTrek type cloaking device for the Stacker. I don't want to see (or hear) it - at all. I just want the storage capacity and the processing power available at a slim LCD. No chassis, no cables, just an user interface... But if I happened to be in the mood to impress people, then I would prefer impressing with dual power cords. Dual power cords is as impressive as blinking leds, isn't it? Nerds? Anybody? ps. I'm going to get the Stacker 1 revision 2 (or something) - if I only could verify that it's compatible with the motherboard. Thus waiting for that SSI v.3.51 compliance/certification/whatever. The "server cubes" are not designed for acoustics, you see...
  15. Will the upcoming CMStacker2 be compatible with SSI EEB v. 3.51 workstation motherboards such as the Tyan Thunder K8WE?