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  1. For dr0op: read the topic in the forum "Hyper 48 very noisy". The problem is also for p5ad2 series, and the temporaly solution is isolating the blu wire of the hyper48's fan. Unplugged the blu cable with a small screwdriver and now the fan works well. bye
  2. For themis, Yesterday morning i've done the same thing. Unplugged the blu cablee with a small screwdriver and now yhe fan works well.
  3. I'm writing a mail to cooler master support and explaining the fan problem with hyper48. If' i will have some information i'll wite in this forum. bye
  4. Hy, i've got the same problem with a p5ad2 deluxe. The error signal i've eliminated joining ignore fan speed in the bios. I've plugged the pins in another pins present in the mobo. But i've don't understood what's the cause of the problem (volt? sensor?). I'm looking for some answers. thanks