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  1. From memory, the cut-outs are approximately 99mm long on the old panel and approximately 108mm long on the revised panel. I didn't measure the width but they look the same. Our X850XT PE wouldn't fit as it needed about 101mm but the new panel we were sent recently gives it plenty of room. David.
  2. Hi bigbadbns Thought a summary of the Stacker problems on the forum might help; especially as Cooler Master are taking the trouble to redesign and retool. It would be a shame if they were not all sorted since the Stacker is so close to being a truly brilliant case. 1. Case chassis cut outs to be extended to allow graphics cards, ports and certain sound cards to be fitted. I note message on forum AC9384 - Andrew says cut outs not wide enough but does not say how wide the interface on the mounting bracket is. See links below for pictures: http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/view ... c&start=15 http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/view ... c&start=45 2. Internal cables for USB to be extended to at least 90cms and the 1394/audio cables to at least 100cms to fit all motherboards, 3. Rear crossbar of PSU cage to be moved/reshaped to clear obstruction to PSU 120mm fans which causes turbulence and fan imbalance leading eventually to premature fan failure, See link below for picture of Cooler Master Real Power RS-450-ACLY PSU with 120mm fan in situ: http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/view ... &start=270 4. Provision of a chassis system warning speaker with 4 pin female connection for motherboard. See Cooler Master Praetorian 731 - shows a nice picture of one. Other Cooler Master cases just show a bit of the connection wire. I am looking forward to the replacement. Will send pictures and specs when build finished. Regards Anthony (David is out).
  3. Thanks aimbee, that place could be very useful. David.
  4. That's great bigbadbns, thanks. Has anyone else had a problem with the cables that Cooler Master supply that go from the front control panel to the motherboard? On our motherboard the Firewire cable can't reach and the USB cables are the same (but only just). The other cables are fine. We have to choose between not bothering with the front mounted ports, or we need longer cables. I know my dad has already tried to e-mail Cooler Master Europe about it and we haven't had a reply yet, but I'm worried that Cooler Master won't be able to help us and that we won't be able to get any cables that are longer from anywhere else. Has anyone else had this problem? And if Cooler Master can't help, does anyone know where to buy longer cables? David.
  5. Thanks guys. I was down at PC World today and I had a look at some other cases (just to look at the size of the slots). We measured about 4 and they all had bigger slots than the Stacker. A couple of cases by Jeantech (Apollo and Aurora) had slots about 5mm longer. Cooler Master's own Cavalier had slots a couple of mm longer, which I think would just about be good enough, so we know that they know how to get it right. What frustrates my dad most of all is the idea that if we only have one side of the connector secured there is a possibility (no matter how small) that somehow we could strain the connector, and he hates the idea of potentially straining a £319 graphics card for the sake of a poor case design. I agree. I'm very disappointed and I hope my previous post didn't show too much anger or frustration, but I just hope that Cooler Master will see this and do something about it. And wacft, it's been 2 years since we started looking to get a computer. It's been 2 years of "Look at that, that will be worth waiting a few months for". Every time we settled on a specification something else came along to wait for, so I'm tired of waiting (especially seeing as we have a pile of components that are waiting for a home). If the Stacker does have to go, we'll go back to looking at either the Antec P160 or what up until recently was the SavRow SR-71 Blackbird (now Akasa Eclipse 62). Both have dual 120mm fans and the like so they're both good. Thanks anyway. David.
  6. Thanks Mr. Miyagi for getting the pictues up. Wacft, thanks for the e-mail, your idea is similar to one of ours. aimbie, I might have misunderstood your point but the card won't fit in any slot because they are all the same length. Due to the DVI port on the card it needs a slot longer than any that the Stacker offer. The second graphics slot (black one) on the A8N is a 1x PCI-E slot in single card mode, and so can't take a graphics card unless dual card mode is selected. We thought originally of 3 solutions: 1. Remove the screw hole thingy. My dad wasn't very happy with that though, he really isn't keen on only having one side of the connector secured. 2. Get someone who knows what they're doing to cut the slots. 3. Have Cooler Master send us a replacement panel with longer slots. Option 3 is our preferred choice, both of the others would work but would not be ideal/easy. The first option might be what we have to do though, there are 2 DVI connectors on the card and we only have 1 monitor after all (although the manual doesn't say which one, if any, is the primary one). The real problem with option 1 is that it limits us for the future. As I said in my original post, the GAME/MIDI port that came as an extra connector with our motherboard is the same, so clearly this isn't a problem restricted just to the graphics card. This means that we would have to be careful about what cards we buy when upgrading/expanding. For a case that sells itself on extensibility, this is highly disappointing. Cooler Master, I hope you're listening, those blanking panels would easily cover a slot that was 5mm or so longer and that would eliminate this problem. I really do hope you consider this in future designs. My dad is also after Cooler Master because of the cables they supplied (he has e-mailed them). The one that goes from the front Firewire port is 66 cm long (same as the USB cables) and is about 60 cm away from the port on the motherboard (which is right in the corner). It can only just get in, but it's a stretch. However, with the sound card and DVD drive in place, the cable can't go straight across and so is at least 4 inches too short. The USB ports on the motherboard are only a few inches nearer the front of the case than the Firewire, and therefore have the same problem. And no, we don't really want to move the panel on the front of the case because it's best for us at the top. We shouldn't even have to consider lowering that panel considering that Cooler Master make a big deal on the box about the design letting you use the case 'the way you want it'. Cooler Master, please understand that the slots on the back need to be long enough for all connectors on all cards, and the cables inside have to be long enough to get comfortably to anywhere on the motherboard. The Stacker is a superb case other than those 2 issues, but I can't understand how the designers can have been so busy making all these clever and attractive design innovations that they ended up forgetting about getting the basics right. That being said, I am certain (for now) that we'll find a way around the problems, it's too good a case to give up on over issues like these. David.
  7. OK. Mr. Miyagi and wacft, I've finally sent the photos. I had multiple crashes and problems with the scratch disk being full. I also had problems with the file size so I reduced them, but hopefully not too much. It took much longer than I expected, but at least it's done now. David.
  8. I've just been preparing the photos (by adding a couple of arrows), but the computer crashed causing a very small delay. I got the X850XT PE for £319 from Komplett. Most high end cards are nearer the £400 mark. For £319, I'd only just be able to get 2 6600 GT's for that, so 6800 GT's would be a lot more. Unless it crashes again, I'll be done soon with the photos. David.
  9. First things first, thanks very much for the replies so far. My dad went to the shops today with the memory card and got the photos put on a CD, so we didn't need my sister after all. So Mr. Miyagi and wacft, I'll e-mail the photos to the both of you since you offered and I don't really know how to put them up otherwise. I'll do that in the next 20-30 minutes (probably). When I made the reply about our choice of graphics card I was thinking about the motherboard review I saw in Custom PC which didn't talk about the performance of dual 6800 GT's. However, my problem with 2 6800 GT's is that they would be much more expensive then an X850 (we do really have a limit). The other problem is that we wouldn't really want to upgrade after the initial build for a couple of years. If we got 1 6800 GT now (2 would be too much), by the time we'd be ready to upgrade it would be more economical and better for performance just to replace the card with whatever is going to be around at the time, rather than add a second 6800 GT. After all, we will be a generation or 2 ahead by then. As for 6800 Ultras, NO WAY. The noise! The power consumption! The fact that due to the size and heat they would knock out pretty much all but 1 PCI slot, meaning that they would be unacceptably restrictive. Anyway, the photos will be on the way soon. I'm off to sort them out. Thanks. David.
  10. Excuse me for being brief with each point here, but I'm in a rush. I could go into much more detail, I've considered the issue in depth. For a start, from what I've seen, SLI boards aren't much more expensive. Secondly, performance. I don't think 2 Nvidia cards would match the X850XT PE, with the exception of 2 6800 Ultras, which would be much better (I could be wrong about the 6800 Ultras being the only pairing that is equal or better, but I don't think so). Thirdly, noise and power consumption. Any pairing of Nvidia cards will be noisy and consume lots of power. Considering the performance issue, I don't personally think they're worth it. The big point: Fourth, expansion. The A8N SLI board, in single card mode, has (remembering that the second graphics card slot works as a 1x PCI-E slot when in single card mode, as confirmed by the motherboard manual): 1 16xPCI-E 3 1xPCI-E (as above, 1 of these is the second graphics slot) 3 PCI In this time of transition between PCI and PCI-E, it is (for me) important to have as many of each as possible. No other board can match the Asus A8N for that. So, basically, we're paying for the flexibility. Not that any of this should stop the graphics card from fitting in the case though. And anyway, X850XT PE, 2GB Ram, £200 (about US$370) for the case/Antec power supply, Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro soundcard. Does this sound like a system that's based on a tight budget? David.
  11. Hi Yes, the stand-offs that I used came with the case, but it's not the motherboard that's the problem. The sound card fits perfectly. The reason being that the connections on the back don't rely on the slot on the rear of the case being that long. I can assure you that the motherboard is perfectly installed and it is the case that is causing the problem. I'll try one more small explanation, but if no one understands then I'll have to arrange something with my sister to get some pictures of the problem here (I took some photos earlier). OK, look directly at the back of the case, the fan should be towards the right. Look at the slots the PCI cards poke out of. The left of these slots is the motherboard side, while the right is the side where the cards screw in on the inside of the case. The distance between the far right of these slots and the far left is 99mm. However, on our graphics card the furthest DVI connector ends 101.5mm away from the end that screws in, hence the slot isn't long enough to accept the card. Like I said, the sound card has no such issues, so fits perfectly (yes, absolutely perfectly). On another note, I've noticed another problem with the case - the Firewire and USB cables supplied with the case (about 66cm) are too short to reach the associated ports on the motherboard, or at least they will be once they have to go around the DVD drive and sound card. But the graphics card is the problem I want sorted first. I hate to say it, especially after how good my first impressions were, but I'm really starting to go off this case. David.
  12. Moving the motherboard wouldn't make any difference. The graphics card will not, because of the DVI connections on the back, physically fit in the case. We can't get it low enough to get it in the motherboard. You know the metal plates over the slots where the PCI cards poke out the back of the case? You know the bit of the metal plate furthest from the motherboard where the metal plates bend at 90 degrees, which is where they screw in? Well, we can't screw in the graphics card (to secure it in) because it sits about 2mm above that and simply won't go further in. This is because the slots, at the end nearest the motherboard, are not long enough to accommodate the DVI ports on the graphics card. We've measured the slots - from the bit where the plate bends at 90 degrees to the end near the motherboard is 99mm. The DVI connectors require a slot 100.5mm long (102 or 103mm if you include some clearance) from the bit where the plate bends at 90 degrees. When we try to slot the graphics card in, it goes towards the motherboard. It gets closer and closer to the motherboard until it meets it and just begins to enter it's PCI-Express port. And then the DVI connection on the back of the card hits the metal of the slot on the rear of the case and will go no further. The computer won't work with the graphics card at an angle and we can't screw it in either because it's not far enough into the case. As I said in my first post, the Asus GAME/MIDI port is the same. Slight problem there. The computer this is meant to replace is a Pentium 1 (133MHz) on Windows 95 with no USB. We've got a digital camera but we can't get the photos on to our computer. It would take some time but the one way we could is if I could get my sister to put them on to her laptop and e-mail them to me. To be honest, I still wouldn't be sure how to get them on to here (I'm very inexperienced with internet forums), which is why I've tried a more detailed explanation above. If the above explanation doesn't make it clearer then I'll see what I can do about a photo. Lastly, I just want to point out that I'm not the only one. In the sticky thread called 'Official CM STACKER Forum! Post All Stackers here :)' on PAGE 7 (I have included all relevant quotes): David.
  13. Hi. For reference: Motherboard: Asus-A8N SLI Deluxe Graphics Card: Sapphire X850XT PE We got a Stacker last week for our new PC and we tried to start putting the components into the case last night. After installing the CPU and memory on to the motherboard we screwed the stand-offs into the tray in the case. The motherboard went in fine, with the rear panel connectors (USB, etc...) lining up perfectly with the I/O shield that Asus had supplied. When we tried to install the graphics card, we found that the slots in the back of the case were not long enough! They need to be longer by about 3 to 5mm or the graphics card will not fit. Also, we have a GAME/MIDI port connector that comes as an extra with the motherboard that also will not fit because of the same problem! Why have Coolermaster made a case like this? I was very impressed with the case before, but this makes it useless. I know my dad plans to contact Coolermaster (probably by e-mail) because he really isn't happy. He knows that the motherboard area is made up of lots of bits and would ideally like Coolermaster to supply a replacement panel with longer slots. I would like to know if anyone here has got any experience of any similar problems. I would also like to know (most of all) what the potential solutions are. Thanks. David.