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  1. very nice. Is that an AlphaCool LC set you got there?
  2. RavingNun

    Attention iTurbo users: Help appreciated!

    Look inside the folders of the actual CD Key, read the README and read any other possible files like. Serial Number.html or CD Key.txt
  3. RavingNun

    My watercooled Stacker

    nah, its just btx.
  4. RavingNun

    How to remove bubbles.

    yeah i did that, takes forever. But thanks
  5. RavingNun

    aquagate mini...when is it coming out?

    aquagate mini was out in hong kong 3 weeks ago.
  6. RavingNun

    How to remove bubbles.

    This is just a general question, not specfically for any product. How do i remove the bubbles in the tubing? Whats the easiest way. Pardon my spelling. Thanks in Advanced
  7. RavingNun

    ATX and Mini ATX

    k thanks again
  8. RavingNun

    ATX and Mini ATX

    I heard that mini ATX and micro Atx can fit in standard ATX cases? is this true? because i have a very old HP pavillion 8883 that iam not sure if it is ATX or mini atx, looks like a mini to me, will fit in a Centurion 5? thanks in advanced
  9. RavingNun

    What is a Heatshrink?

    i see, so your supposed to use a tie wrap over them or not because the CM cables dont.
  10. RavingNun

    What is a Heatshrink?

    Dumb question, but what is a heatshrink. I know what they look like, i have one in my kits but i dont know what they are for.
  11. RavingNun

    List of Motherboards

    well nvm the dell motherboard i had didnt fit in, it wasnt standard, even the LGA775 socket wasnt standard the screw holes were in diffrent places. well i decided that iam going to buy a new motherboard tommorow though..
  12. RavingNun

    List of Motherboards

    Is there list of motherboards that the CM Stacker supports, because i dont think i can fit mine in, maybe with a bit of modding, but first is there a list?
  13. RavingNun

    Dual Storm on Hyper48

    k thx
  14. RavingNun

    Add Fans to Front of CM Stacker

    thanks but i suppose they dont work on a hyper48 now right?
  15. RavingNun

    Dual Storm on Hyper48

    Has anyone done this before and if so what are the temperature results. I want to know if it will drop a few degrees lower then the original delta fan that came with the Hyper 48 or maybe even better then the Vantec Tornado but i doubt it.