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    Fan cool direction?

    I like those cases with the CPU airducts on the side. I find that the front fans make too much noise and don't really help over all with temps on a case like with the CoolerMaster Cent5 because of so many holes. A fan on the top would be nice, but it should pull air out and not in. Most of the cold... hmmm.. not really cold.. normal air comes from all over the case, but in theory the front or side is the direction point for entry air. I think it's good to have more fans pulling air out. Heck it's best not to have the side of your case on at all if you can help I do this with water cooling rigs because I don't trust them and check for water before turning on. On some lower-end systems I don't even use rear fans because the PSU fan is enough. However in a system like this it only works because there are no parts like 7800GTX's in SLI with 600WATT PSU's and Raptor drives in Raid with very hot CPU's.
  2. Dark Emerald Green with a Green Window and Green Fan lights.
  3. At least there was a case in the box. Long story...
  4. You know... thinking about Dell here. This brings up a good problem I've been having. When lots of people want you to build a computer for them there are those that take up your time with little problems. Rather than be swamped with these peoples problems I'd send them to Dell. Well.. I've setup some of these people with Dell systems because it was cheap and I didn't have to build & fix anything. However, when the warranty is over it's back to me again. Sometimes trying to fix a Dell is not an easy thing to do. Can't just slap in a new power supply ect. So in the end it's always better to just build it yourself, charge them a little extra, and remember to get the extra LONG warranty.
  5. Does the mesh affect noise levels?
  6. TronX

    Stock Stacker Fans

    Stock is normally good enough. The only time I've seen people replace them is if they are going after a color theme or needing less noise.
  7. Aye... normally the little case cables come that way because not all motherboards and cards use the same + and - setups. It might take some trial and error (Google), but the trick is once you figure out those tiny wires just use a small amount of tape to keep them locked together. I do this all the time with the front panel usb ports.