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  1. foxie

    I need a new side panel

    No i can't change them, or i have to drill in my case en cut some metal of the motherboard tray: i'll buy a new one thnx
  2. foxie

    I need a new side panel

    They have only the left side (normally window side) not the right.
  3. Hello, Today i was modding hard on my casemod: a wave master case. First of all i would make a cutout in the left window (when you are in front with the case left). After a long time working I thougt: Let check the result. When i was checking te result I saw that i've changed the right and the left panel of my wave . Now my question: Where can I buy a NEW right side panel from my wave, I find only left pre-modded side panels but I need the right panel ! Thnx alot! Foxie P.S: sorry for my verry bad english
  4. foxie

    Wave master side panel

    Offcource. I Think i'll buy a green one , and maybe replace it with a transparant plexi.
  5. foxie

    Wave master side panel

    So there's no side panel whit a transparant plexi on it (not the green one)
  6. Hi all! I've a wave master case @ the moment and I would like to have a side panel. Now i've looked at the coolermaster site and in the local shop, but there aren't side panels with a transparant plexi on it? All what i've been found was whit green of blue plexi in it. I'm searching for: a ALU side panel with a transparant plexi in it. Does somebody now where to buy this side panel. Thnx! Foxie Sorry for my bad englisch ...